Deeply planted amongst the idyllic tea gardens of Haputale is a luxurious boutique retreat, evocative of 19th century colonial grandeur: ‘Thotalagala’.

Best Known For

Graciously poised on the edge of the Haputale Escarpment, this former tea planter’s bungalow is still deeply rooted in British Era glory; having retained its lush, original designs. Smothered in 20 acres of lawn and patana grass, the ‘Thotalagala’ mixes a step-back-in-time character with estate traditions.

The Experience

Monikered after shining personalities from the history of Ceylon Tea, including Sir Thomas Lipton, James Taylor and John Duncan - the 7 suites at this luxury accommodation in Haputale celebrate concepts, themes and designs that characterize the British colonial era. Each luxury suite offers a safety deposit box, ceiling fans and Wi-Fi. The communal dining area, living room, fireplaces and furniture - all stem from old-world motifs.

From oven-fresh-treats-inspired breakfasts on the lawn and sun-blushed picnics in tranquil nooks - to starry barbeques and cognac nightcaps at the plush cigar room - each dining ritual at this heritage hotel epitomizes the luxurious colonial planter life.

Around and About

Steeped in colonial history, the tea town of Haputale offers respite from life’s rigorous realities. Wander the historic Dambatenne Estate and enjoy spectacular views of the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Eastern Provinces at the Lipton’s Seat. Stroll around the dreamy English country cottages gardens of the Adisham Bungalow.

‘Thotalagala’ - an ode to British Ceylon, in the midst of the tea town…

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