The Planter’s Bungalow

Peering around the Southern fringes of an emerald tea garden in Ella, 215 KM from Colombo, ‘The Planter’s Bungalow’ is a lovely reminder of how Sri Lanka’s countryside must have looked in the 19th century.

Best Known For

Nestled amid tapestries of country gardens whose trees are overlaid with patterns of hill country flowers and fruits, ‘The Planter’s Bungalow’ oozes a pace-of-life-drifts-rather-than-marches appeal. Graciously restored to accommodate contemporary comforts, hints of its former life can still be found in fine antiques and works of art.

The Experience

Housed within the idyllic gardens are bungalow and apartment type accommodations. Each en-suite room at the colonial bungalow is furnished with a private terrace that affords sweeping views of the misty countryside. The two self-catering apartments, Tree Top and Tamarind, afford views across the valleys to Ella Ridge.

Breakfasts at ‘The Planter’s Bungalow’ encapsulates traditional Sri Lankan dishes whilst the dinner menu intersperses hill country cuisine with international flavours. Offering garden hammocks and a scenic swimming pool with sunbathing spots, guests at this mountainous hideaway can laze to heart’s content. The hill country sanctuary organizes well-curated tours and excursions, including tea plantation visits and Buddhist temple retreats.

Around and About

Mixing sleepy country charm with thrill of the unknown, Ella exudes a beautiful sense of respite; attracting those looking to pause and reboot or simply escape the tropical heat. From emerald tea estates that meander uphill and the scenic hills of Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock, to Diyaluma, Dunhinda and Ravana Ella Falls - the misty village is reminiscent of a pastoral picturebook illustration.

You have a map of Ella, carefully stored in mind; a reminder of precious days away from the grind of workweek.

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