Thaulle Resort Sri Lanka

Stashed away amid the history-steeped backwaters of Tissamaharama is an evocative eco-friendly accommodation with a back-to-nature’s-roots aura - ‘Thaulle Resort Sri Lanka’.

Best Known For

Set overlooking the magnificent Yoda Lake, this boutique hotel in Tissamaharama permeates a sense of peace; the perfect antidote to the eye worn out of humdrum cityscapes. Visually-pleasing accommodation hideouts, coupled with spa cures and hand-crafted meals, beckon.

The Experience

An array of glass-fronted, balconied, lake-view accommodations is placed to make best of the surrounding rural sceneries. These sophisticated retreats are furnished with hand-picked antiques and contemporary amenities - a beautiful fusion of local craftsmanship and western comforts. The charming Thaulle Suite is further adorned with a bathtub and living area.

In a celebration of Tissamaharama’s homegrown goodness, a selection of meals span from exotic Sri Lankan to stylish Western whilst special healthy menus stem from an appreciation of Ayurveda-inspired clean eating.

Placed slightly withdrawn from the main buildings, the Ayurveda centre rejuvenates the frazzled mind and body with curative holistic treatments.

Around and About

The peaceful back-of-beyond of Tissamaharama makes an ideal stopover for snooping around the elephant watering holes of the Yala National Park and the holy shrines of Kataragama. The artwork-filled Sithulpawwa, seaside Kirinda, Yatala Wehera and Tissa Dagoba are a few of the temple jewels that dot the area.

‘Thaulle Resort Sri Lanka’; a garden of Ayurveda, amid the isle’s remote paradisiac parts...

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