Locked up amidst the hinterlands of Weerawila on the island’s Deep South is a rustic-luxurious respite - ‘Saraii’.

Best Known For

Cached away in the midst of jungly gardens, an exotic selection of accommodation is designed to emulate traditional farmers’ tree houses and mud houses. From farmer-style lunches and lakeside breakfasts to insights into traditional arts such as palmyra weaving and pottery - one’s stay at this backwoods retreat is peppered with tropical things-to-do’s.

The Experience

Concealed amid the canopied gardens are village-rustic inspired accommodations, each, a gateway to nature’s secrets. Majestically perched on a sturdy tree, the two-storied Superior Tree House entertains small groups and family stays whilst the private-decked Tree House Suite makes a magical honeymoon accommodation. Beautifully laid out amidst lush gardens, the lovingly-crafted Superior Mud Chalets are dovetailed with artistic fittings. One of the Mud Chalet Suites domiciles a perfumy fruit garden whilst the other is stored away in a little forest.

From the Spice Lounge with its traditional-inspired artisan relishes and the rustic Pool Bar scented with heady concoctions, to candle-lit poolside dinners and lakeside barbeques; gastronomic bliss entices.

Borrowing a page from the isle’s cultural book, an array of exotic experiences intrigues: spin the wheel with a pottery artist; help a fisherman cast his net; taste zingy curries at a farmer’s home. Yoga retreats and Ayurveda treatments, together with a tropical pool, heightens the rustic accommodation’s appeal.

Around and About

Squirreled away amid the paradise isle’s backwater districts, Weerawila, deeply reminiscent of Chena plantations and straggling wilds, boasts the ideal setting for bird watching and nature walks. The Dry Zone Botanical Gardens and Lunugamwehera National Park are fabled nearby attractions.

‘Saraii’ - immerse in the traditions and culture of a tropical island. Become one with nature.

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