Ruins Chaaya

Serenely sprawled amidst the ancient stone gardens of Polonnaruwa in the isle’s forested North Central Province is the ‘Ruins Chaaya’.

Best Known For

The fortress-inspired structures of the ‘Ruins Chaaya’ are deeply evocative of the palaces that characterized the medieval kingdom of Polonnaruwa. From luscious green fields skirting the retreat to tropical trees thriving the gardens; a sense of sanctuary is captured at this exotic-hued accommodation in Polonnaruwa.

The Experience

Tasteful modern furniture and cosy bedding grace the air-conditioned rooms that offer contemporary amenities, such as a safety locker and telephone. Lending itself as a family and honeymoon accommodation, the ‘Ruins Chaaya’ offers the choices of single, double, twin and triple beds.

The culinary space of this North Central retreat boasts of Sri Lankan fare as well as cuisine from the East and West whilst the lush outdoor dining areas invites one to appreciate the peacock-haunted gardens and glistening rice fields.

The beautifully-lit, wooden-furniture-dressed banquet hall at this event venue hosts weddings and corporate affairs of luster and class.

Around and About

Nestled in the back-of-the-beyond of the isle’s North Central Province, the medieval kingdom of Polonnaruwa is reputed for its stone heritage of intricate flair. The elaborately-carved stone structure of Polonnaruwa Vatadage, elevated stone platform of Nissanka Latha Mandapa, brick stupa of Rankoth Vehera, relic shrine of Hatadage and rock temple of Gal Vihara are some evocative attractions to explore.

‘Ruins Chaaya’; a sanctuary of medieval splendour and tropical languor…

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Amenities and Facilities

Safety Locker







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