Rampart Street - Galle Fort

Knock on the century old door of a quaint dream of a Colonial house transformed into a boutique hotel in the exclusive old world of the Galle Fort. Tucked away at No 25 on the Rampart Street, ‘Rampart Street’ will have you swimming in a spendthrift of Colonial charm.

Best Known For

Opening its once exclusive doors to the world, this boutique hotel whisks those who enter its walls away to the unforgotten, living and breathing Colonial charm of long-ago. Thanks to the fine eye of the artists who stirred up the old house into a fine boutique, all the old lines and lights and waves still stand faithful to its original character.

The Experience

The interiors of ‘Rampart Street’ is an extravaganza of antique furniture and tables beautified with bits and bobs from the Colonial times. Exquisite tapestries garland the walls mentally placing you onto those long-ago Galle Fort scenes through their cascading, real-like paintings. I bet you will be jumping into the ice-cold blue picture of the sun-warm swimming pool, longing for the long-lost Galle Fort days when stylish ladies wandered the cobble stone streets!

After a day of ambling and prowling about the storybook-like historical landscape of the Galle Fort, go snuggle to the golden hugs of ‘Rampart Street’. The 4 en suite double rooms of the boutique hotel sleep 10. The king size beds have thrown crisp linen over their royal wooden forms and are waiting to smother you into a delicious sleep. How about watching a modern TV show from an antique couch tucked away in the TV lounge before you say those hearty goodnights?

On the breakfast tables at ‘Rampart Street’ parades a pageantry of the traditional Sri Lankan, the Continental and the English. Lunch and dinner menus keep bobbing at you - sending waves of tickle through your sun and breeze inspired appetites.

Around and About

The Galle Fort enjoys a romantic spot on the bay of Galle luxuriating in a pastiche of Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture. Ramble through the magic of old and bask in the beauty of a quaint clock tower, a three and half century old church, a lighthouse where once lights flashed like stars of good hope, old-world houses and a tussie-mussie of other colonial landmarks.

You are in an old-world boutique hotel in an old town where time stands still. Bastions and ramparts loom about you and slowly spring up into a Colonial Fort. In the quiet of the star-sown night you can almost hear a horse galloping - the Portuguese soldiers are home… Hurrah! You are on vacation - in the Galle Fort

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Amenities and Facilities

Individually Controlled AC in the Room

Airport Transfer and Taxi Service

Free Wi-Fi

Daily Housekeeping

In-House Laundry Services

Hot and Cold Showers

Cable TV

King-Size Beds



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