Norwood Bungalow by Ceylon Tea Trails

Cradled in the ‘Golden Valley’ of Bogawantalawa in the Dimbula Tea Region is a haute, hill-station retreat: ‘Norwood Bungalow by Ceylon Tea Trails’.

Best Known For

A gracious incarnation of a colonial-era residence, the ‘Norwood Bungalow by Ceylon Tea Trails’ mixes period interiors with estate comforts and butler service. Reposing amid the shelter of fine bamboo, this small-luxury resort affords sweeping views of the eastern end of the idyllic Bogawantalawa Valley.

The Experience

The elegant accommodation offerings at this estate bungalow are hallmarked by imposing colonial furniture, lush bedding and elegant bathrooms. The Luxury Rooms offer direct access to garden while the Garden Suites afford private garden views. The living-room-graced Master Suite gazes across the emerald tea fields.

In-room spa treatments soothe your body and mind with the essence of aromatic herbs. A cosy lounge sums up estate-comfort-steeped evenings while a swimming pool twinkles in the old-fashioned garden.

From cuppa-enlivened brekkies and English-yet-exotic afternoon teas, to fireside whiskey nights and four-course dinners - the meal experience at the ‘Norwood Bungalow by Ceylon Tea Trails’ evoke the beauty of time-honoured planter dining rituals.

Around and About

Monikered the ‘Golden Valley’ after its camellia sinensis flourishes; Bogawantalawa is deeply evocative of glistening tea gardens. Stroll the tea-blanketed hills, marveling at the sight of deft tea pluckers and witness the story behind the cup of tea, at a century-old tea factory. Take in views of doll’s house villages and bask in exotic bird life.

Watching from the Hazel Suite, your heart dances with the perfumy roses of the private garden. Tea fields shine beyond…

Note: Kindly note, the common address for the bungalows at Ceylon Tea Trails would be Tea Trails (Pvt.) Ltd. Dunkeld Estate, Hatton. The guests will be directed to their chosen abode by resident guides.

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