Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge

Amidst the mist-inked mountains of Kandy, a winding road meanders like a twisted ribbon. Drive roughly 30 KM from Kandy up this pastoral road and you will be greeted by the sight of the countryside abode of ‘Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge’.

Best Known For

On a picturesque 25 acre tea plantation, 18 sequestered lodges rise up embracing the verdant sod. This Eco lodge in Madulkelle basks in a sweeping view of the mist-coated Knuckles Mountain Range. In a leisurely amble away from the ‘Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge’, a scenic little hamlet delights in a no-frills lifestyle.

The Experience

Lapping up the loveliness of the landscape are 18 private lodges and an enchanting honeymoon suite. The tarpaulin canvass and wooden furnishings lend the lodges a certain camping-in-countryside vibe. A porch that grows from the front of the lodge takes in the green dream of the rolling hills and the silent rapture of the distant valleys. Sit back and slow down to the fascinating concert of birds choreographed to the refined taste of the nature. Tucked away in a bucolic nook of the ‘Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge’, the honeymoon suite is furnished with a terrace inclusive of a divan and a bathtub.

The English style estate lounge bar stocks a fine assortment of wines and spirits. The grand dining room and restaurant is fitted-out with a cosy fireplace. A vegetable and herb garden spreads its harvest-laden arms, like a picture of a prolific country garden illustrated in a children’s picture book. Ramble along the stunning tea gardens drinking in the crisp, pick-me-up mountain air; or feet up and leaf through a book you picked from the library. Lose yourself in the balmy comforts of the spa as the gurgle of a stream lulls you.

Around and About

The Knuckles Mountain Range that looms out of milk-white mists is a camping junkie’s dream come true. Fringed by the white blanket of the Mahaweli River and the Matale Plains, it is arrayed in grasslands and forests; waterfalls and streams plunge into falling life at its craggy peaks. Mini World’s End from Deanston, trail to Dothalugala from Deanston, trail to Nitro Caves from Corbett’s Gap and trail to Kalupahana from Meemure Village are a few of the well-liked trekking trails the area is snaked with. 34 peaks shape out of the jagged profile of The Knuckles that silhouettes against the chilled blue skyline. The golden spell from June to September presents the best conditions for trekking with the promise of sun-smeared days. A wonderland in the eyes of bird aficionados, the mountain range is sprinkled with about 200 species of birds including endemics such as the Sri Lankan Blue Magpie, Sri Lankan Warbler, Jungle Fowl and Brown Capped Babbler.

Giant Squirrels, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Mongoose and congregations of other animals share the verdant domicile of the mountains.

Materializing at the foothills are snug ancient villages whose homey cottages, rice fields, Chena cultivations and cinnamon plantations weave into a scenic lacework. Traditional ‘thawalama’ or the ox-driven carts can be seen trundling along the rustic streets, laden with harvest, like an echo from the vanished days.

The mountainous repose of Kandy is a day trip away from Madulkelle. Amidst the emerald-capped hills, a world of cultural resplendence awaits you. The Temple of Tooth, Kandy Lake, Ceylon Tea Museum and Royal Botanical gardens are some of the experiences to throw in at Kandy.

You are trekking through a zigzag of rustic trails. Each step presents you with a beautiful picture to feast your eyes on. Make a splash in the burbling stream and then you unpack your lunch. As you tuck into the delicious picnic sandwiches, the grasses quiver around you.

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