Lumbini Lagoon

Gently gazing across the glassy waters, the ‘Lumbini Lagoon’ peers from the stilly banks of the Koggala Lake, 2 ½ hours’ drive from Sri Lanka’s cosmopolitan centre, Colombo.

Best Known For

Tucked in a sleepy tropical garden, ‘Lumbini Lagoon’ is an evocation of a quaint, secluded retreat where time seems to stand still. A relaxed, birdsong-swept veranda spreads around the house, keeping its tryst with the placid waters, basking in lake-fresh winds.

The Experience

Each guest accommodation at this four-bedroom villa in Ahangama is appointed with a plush four poster luxury bed and large closet. The living area offers cosy sofas and wooden furniture. Whilst a resident chef serves up home-flavoured meals, this serene lakeside villa also houses a kitchen where guests can whip up a quick snack. Sign up for a cooking lesson and steal some delightful Sri Lankan culinary secrets.

The breezy verandas are perfect for kicking back with your loved ones, enjoying the view of the shimmering lake and bloomy gardens. One can also take a dip in the swimming pool, bronzing in the tropical sun. Immerse in the fragrance and balmy feel of herbal oils whilst basking in an Ayurveda massage.

Around and About

A charming oasis in the heart of the South, the mangrove-flanked Koggala Lake is one of the most scenic cruise spots in Sri Lanka. Dotted with tiny islands sheathed in mist, the serenity of the lake is only broken by bursts of bird song that tumble in the air. Land ashore by the islands and witness an old temple and a cinnamon farmers’ village. The nearby coastal hamlet of Ahangama is famed for its surf-worthy oceans, stilt fishermen and long beaches.

Ah, Koggala Lake, you feel like a basin of balm. The very air, fresher than dreams back in the city.

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