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Designed around the magical views of the Koggala Lake in the paradise of South, 2 ½ hours’ drive from Colombo, ‘Lakeview Villa’ is the epitome of glad living with summer sun and lakeside serenity.

Best Known For

Nestled on a sequestered lake-front hillock that sits amidst fragrant cinnamon fields, at this four bedroom villa in Ahangama, pace of life drifts by rather than marches. Between antique structures that feel like touching history and lake panoramas, one’s thoughts are choreographed by birdsong.

The Experience

Sporting a mix of traditional charm and contemporary comfort, ‘Lakeview Villa’ features reclaimed, majestic antique doors and windows. Designed to capture panoramic views of the lake and benefit from natural ventilation, lake-fresh breezes ceaselessly fill the house with its roundelay. Cosily accommodating 8 guests, the villa is furnished with 4 bedrooms, all with a view of the lake. The 2 upstairs bedrooms share a panoramic balcony appointed with wooden loungers. The veranda room sits by the infinity pool whilst the garden room occupies a private location close to the lake. All rooms are equipped with walk-in shower rooms, wardrobes and overhead fans.

The interior living room is appointed with cosy daybeds where one can kick back and read a book or simply drift into a daydream. Laid-out by the poolside, the outdoor living area is perfect for a breezy evening tea or a star-lit dinner. The infinity pool lies amid the swaying greenery of the sweeping garden. This lakeside villa also offers a fully-equipped kitchen, library and game room. Knowing the spices and herbs like a book, the host at ‘Lakeview Villa’ offers up personalized meals, suited to guests’ dietary requirements and preferences.

Around and About

Surrounded by prolific mangroves, the Koggala Lake is a basin of mellow harmony, for the shopworn soul. A magical cruise spot, the lake is dotted with smoky islands where cinnamon fields wake to life and rural lifestyles still thrive. A haunt-beloved of exotic birds, one can spy on the likes of peacocks and kingfishers, on the windy banks. The nearby seaside village of Ahangama is famed for its consistent surf, stilt fishermen and long beaches.

Sitting on the grassy bank, you feel full in harmony with the traditions of nature. Koggala Lake; a picture book illustration…

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