Kurunduwatta Villa - Hikkaduwa

Resting amidst a peaceful agricultural setting in coastal Hikkaduwa, a 2 hour drive from cosmopolitan Colombo is the ‘Kurunduwatta Villa - Hikkaduwa’.

Best Known For

In an attempt to restore the former glory of Hikkaduwa’s natural environment, the ‘Kurunduwatta Villa - Hikkaduwa’ is instilled with an eco-friendly atmosphere. Whilst being cocooned in absolute calm and tranquility, the traditional homestay offers close proximity to Hikkaduwa’s illustrious beaches.

The Experience

The preserved, 200 year old guesthouse in Hikkaduwa houses tastefully-appointed bedrooms, embraced with charming traditional designs. Vegetarian cuisine of home-cooked flavour tantalizes one’s taste buds whilst aromatic cups of Ceylon tea refreshes.

Permeating a sense of quiet, this eco-friendly accommodation’s tropical garden, replete with exotic birdlife and vegetation, is ideal for a scenic wander. Whilst complimentary bikes and Wi-Fi is provided, airport shuttles and excursions are arranged on request.

Around and About

From shimmering beaches and exotic fishing villages, to nighttime parties dancing up the shores, the coastal Eden of Hikkaduwa is injected with a tropical-meets-vivacious appeal. Snorkel in its scenic coral gardens; dive for intriguing shipwrecks; and explore history-steeped ancient temples.

‘Kurunduwatta Villa - Hikkaduwa’; between paddy gardens and coconut palm estates, a private holiday escape awaits…

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