Jetwing Safari Camp Yala

Skirted on one side with deep shadows of the wilderness and flanked by the marigold shoreline on the other, ‘Jetwing Safari Camp Yala’ peeps from the sorrel-brown earth of Yala, Kirinda. The woodsy, brown tents are thrown in the backwoods of the Southern province in an approximately 6 hour drive from Colombo.

Best Known For

The villas raise their conical heads on a landscape splashed with the loveliness of the back of beyond. On the outskirts of the Yala National Park, the ‘Jetwing Safari Camp Yala’ unveils a world where luxury stirs into natural, wild notes. In a brown tented villa, your life is always outdoorsy and cheerful.

The Experience

The 10 tents at ‘Jetwing Safari Camp Yala’ are brought to life along the fascinating strings of ‘rustic luxury’. Surfs of splendour and rusticity ripples about in them crafting the mood for adventure and repose. The luxury tents are fitted with a sitting area, balcony and a luxury bathroom.

From al fresco dinners on the private deck of your villa and snacks on the dunes of the star-lit beach to surreptitious, romantic dinners in the peace and quiet of your room, dining options at ‘Jetwing Safari Camp Yala’ are a mixed bag of sensations. The invitation to partake in the cuisine of ‘Jetwing Yala’, a splendorous resort placed in Yala by Jetwing Hotels, which is a mere buggy ride away adds to the delectable prospects.

The dwellers of ‘Jetwing Safari Camp Yala’ are also welcomed like kin at the spa, swimming pool and gymnasium of ‘Jetwing Yala’.

Around and About

Safari through the bush and the wilds of the Yala National Park on a jeep that braves the dust and the rough of tawny-red roads as it meanders through streams, tanks and grasslands. As you are met with flocks of endemic birds, leashes of spotted deer and sambar, basks of crocodiles, troupes of toque macaques and an occasional rabbit that flashes like a shadow of a dream - your guide who knows the woods like the words of a favourite song will shine a light on quick facts about those fascinating animals and birds. But the real gem of your safari would be your epic encounter with a memory of elephants. With a dash of luck and perfect timing, you will also catch a sloth bear disappearing into the brown shadows of the woods. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a couple of leopards sunbathing in the distance as you pass by. Grab that pair of binoculars!

Roughly 1 ½ hours from Yala is the bird-wonderland of Bundala National Park. A colourful Arcadia where feathered-friends from all skies flock together, a drift of bird songs ceaselessly swirls across the park.

Fallen on the history-warm sands 35 KM off Yala are the gems of the Kataragama Temple where legends of deities hover around vibrant shrines and grand daily ‘poojas’ take place and the Sithulpawwa Rock Temple where a rock staircase leads you to intricate historical artworks and paintings. The legend-steeped Kirinda Temple takes a seaside seat on a rocky outcrop.

Sea-kayaking, beach polo, bodysurfing and windsurfing are a few highlights of the fantastic adventures that draw your thrilling feet to the beaches of Yala and Kirinda.

You are awaken by the dreams of last night by the touch of the morning. As you walk your lazy feet out of the bed to the window, you pause to admire the woodsy luxury of your villa. In the outside, the colours of a backcountry morning are tumbling down. Birds are somersaulting off treetops. You are officially in the middle of nowhere…

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Gym at ‘Jetwing Yala’

Pool Table at ‘Jetwing Yala’

Swimming Pool at ‘Jetwing Yala’

Spa at ‘Jetwing Yala’


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