Jaffna Heritage Hotel

A certain boutique hotel in Jaffna makes a serene base to soak in the exotic atmosphere of the northern peninsular: ‘Jaffna Heritage Hotel’.

Best Known For

The ‘Jaffna Heritage Hotel’ is stationed in the shadow of the glorious Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil which is considered the jewel of the palmyra-dotted northern district. Rich local heritage motifs meet hints of colonial charm, creating exotic and lush splendour.

The Experience

The simple-yet-elegant rooms at this palmy retreat are styled as double, twin and triple accommodation. Each room ticks standard contemporary facilities, such as air conditioning, hot and cold water, mini bar, telephone and tea / coffee maker. Being an exclusively vegetarian hotel, the ‘Jaffna Heritage Hotel’ chases delicious and traditional Jaffna recipes.

Around and About

A glorious bastion of Hindu culture, the palmyra-strewn landscapes of Jaffna perfects a sun-and-culture retreat. Wander the shrubbery-flanked Casuarina Beach and explore the quaint Jaffna Fort. Witness Hindu culture in all its splendour at the golden-ochre Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil.

The ornately-carved Gopuram in the holy grounds… Oh, Nallur, how you fascinate me!

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Swimming Pool


Additional Specification

Exclusively Vegetarian


Amenities and Facilities



Tea / Coffee Maker

Mini Bar




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