Horathapola Estate

Cocooned amongst the lush sweep of coconut palms that flank the tranquil landscape of Marawila is the ‘Horathapola Estate’. The colonial-style bungalow is nestled within an hour’s drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Best Known For

A graceful restoration of an early 1920s British planter’s bungalow, ‘Horathapola Estate’ sits amidst a secluded and peaceful, 50 acre tropical garden. Deeply-rooted in elegant old-world style, the lush interiors of this five-bedroom bungalow have been spiced up with touches of modern luxury.

The Experience

Contained within the stylish and stately world of this heritage bungalow are 4 lavish guest rooms and a free-standing garden lodge. Opening out into a private sit-out area that affords vistas of rolling vegetation. Each guest room is appointed with a hand carved four poster bed and an en-suite bathroom. Nestled on the ground floor, the “Waththe Camare’ (Garden Room) features high French windows that open out to a breezy patio. Perfect for couples, the ‘Maha Camare’ (Main Room) is fitted with a balcony with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding estate. Detached from the main house, the pool-front Pokuna Camare’ (Pond Room) comes with an open air shower. The Family Suite is furnished with two bedrooms and an airy balcony with antique lounge chairs. Hidden away in a dreamy private garden, within a short walk from the main bungalow is the Family Lodge which features a rooftop terrace and two bed rooms.

Inspired by the island’s love story with exotic condiments, ‘Horathapola Estate’ serves an array of authentic Ceylonese cuisine bursting with colour and flavour. The dining and living area is furnished with beautiful Sri Lankan antique furniture, some of which is as old as the bungalow itself. Housing a library, this old-style bungalow offers many nooks and crannies to unwind with a book. The prolific gardens that skirt this grand hideout contain a salt-water swimming pool, Jacuzzi and nature trails. Beyond the garden is a sweeping organic estate dotted with fruit and vegetable beds, coconut groves and luscious rice fields. ‘Horathapola Estate’ offers a variety of facilities including an airport shuttle services and bikes for cycling excursions.

Around and About

Enjoy a traditional bullock cart ride around the rambling plantation, view the abundant vegetation and the local farmers hard at work. Pedal through the bordering village, taking in its ancient temples, farmlands and modest homesteads. Immerse oneself in the intriguing lifestyle of the village community, who make a living off the land producing coconut oil, extracting coir and shelling cashew nuts. Relax with an evening of bird watching or head on over to the Saturday Pola, the bustling open-air market and bask in the bustling atmosphere of cheery vendors and air scented with the aromas of fresh produce.

Between birdsongs and balmy silences, your worldly cares cease to be. What better way to gear up for your tropical adventure than kicking back a couple of days at a hidden oasis.

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