Hangover Hostels Seeduwa

If you are a band of young friends travelling together, ‘Hangover Hostels Seeduwa’ could be an ideal place to hobnob at on your first night in Sri Lanka. This Negombo accommodation whips up a pleasant ambiance, 3-KM from the Bandaranaike International Airport of Sri Lanka.

Best Known For

The ‘Hangover Hostels Seeduwa’ puts on a sunny, cheerful character that befits the vivacious mood of its surroundings. The cosily-appointed rooms will help you soothe and smooth that jet lag and a good night’s sleep will have you bright-eyed and eager to take in the endless adventures of the Island.

The Experience

The ‘Hangover Hostels Seeduwa’ is located on a serene, spacious property screened from the hustle and bustle of the city life, though minutes away from it. Built with careful attention to detail, the accommodation transcends the concept of traditional hostels, rejoicing in a modern ambiance. Playing along the lines of ‘affordable luxury’, the 38-bed hostel comprises of private bedrooms, dorm rooms and a female dorm. It is equipped with a kitchen and a common area as well. The bunk beds are fitted with reading lights.

Take in the soft shades of the garden, as you loll on a hammock, sipping on a cold one. Be transported into a place of tranquillity as prolific foliage rustle around you.

Around and About

10-KM from Seeduwa, an interesting fusion of life reveals itself amidst the costal pages of the book of Negombo. Stylish restaurants dot the midnight-black ribbons of carpeted roads. In a stone’s throw away from the bustle, the Indian Ocean unfurls its tropical tapestry. The scenic fishing village sprinkled with humble cottages comes alive in the first blush of the day. Traditional sun-bleached canoes drift through the glistening waters like the shadow of a dream, laden with the catch of the day. Spires of old-time churches benedict the city. On a wetland backdrop of the Negombo Lagoon, the Muthurajawela Marsh comes to life like the royal treasure it is, flaunting a cushion of mangroves. As you partake in a boat trip around the marsh, hundreds of birds serenade you.

The cosy and tranquil tones of ‘Hangover Hostels Seeduwa’ float across your bedroom. As you wade through a magazine on Birds of Serendib in the hush of the night, a reading light shines softly by your bedside, like an old friend. Tomorrow, those birds on the glossy magazine will croon to you in Muthurajawela.

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Common Area with Book Exchange, Magazines and Games


Amenities and Facilities

Airport Shuttle Service

Mini-Market Breakfast

Free Tea, Coffee and Bananas in the Morning

TV and Games





Lockers / Safe

No-Smoking Rooms with AC

Free Wi-Fi



Backpacking and Hostels

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