Glenesk Bungalow

As you drive for 20 minutes passing Nuwara Eliya on gorgeous ribbons of winding roads, a dream-like old house materializes through the wooly mists. The almost-century-old ‘Glenesk Bungalow’ sits in a bloomy garden with distant, dreamy views of the mist-scarfed Knuckles Mountain Range, 170-KM away from the stir and whirl of Colombo.

Best Known For

Built in 1920 by some Scottish planters, the ‘Glenesk Bungalow’ has seen a substantial amount of history and basks in a warm, homely ambiance that only an old home consecrated in love can have. The 4 bedroomed bungalow is set in a fragrant countryside garden. Antique furniture and fittings take shape through the quaint interiors.

The Experience

‘The Rose Room’ is spacious, fitted with a bathtub and looks into the mountains. ‘The Blue Room’ features a fireplace and overlooks the prolific vegetable garden of the bungalow. ‘The Tapestry Room’ is bright and has a view of the blossom-clad rock garden; shaping up from its walls is a great antique tapestry while a quaint tapestried chair basks in the old-world mood of the room. ‘The Library Room’ is furnished with a fantastic bookshelf tastefully stocked with interesting works; it connects to ‘The Tapestry Room’ to create spacious and cosy family accommodation.

While a complimentary breakfast is served to guests, lunch and dinner are available on request. Meals at ‘Glenesk Bungalow’ are delicious and salutary thanks to the bungalow’s home-grown wholesomeness. From garden to jar; fresh fruits are transformed into gooey delights of homemade jams and preserves that add an aromatic presence to the meal tables.

Either wander through the exclusive magazine collection of the bungalow that dates back to the 1930’s or settle into the cheer of a board game as chilly breezes saunter.

Around and About

The bucolic town of Nuwara Eliya takes a scenic station amidst the velvety mountains that soar into pale-green skies of the countryside. The cool, salutary breezes, green-capped tea plantations and satin blue waterfalls whisk into a pastoral postcard that transports holidaymakers into an old English village.

Sit by a window of a train that roars down to Nuwara Eliya and take in the beauty of pensive, smoky mountains that sweep into the glassy frame like abstract arts of green. Hike up a quivering tea plantation in a morning and taste a cuppa as you learn the story behind the Ceylon cup of wisdom. Enjoy a breath-taking spendthrift of flowers spread across 28 hectares, including orchestras of roses and orchids. Hop on a boat that idles down the Gregory’s Lake or ramble along its virescent fringes where horses can be seen taking their beauty repose. Stroll through the serene Victoria Park amidst its outlandish plant life that rises through salubrious breezes. Fall into the flawless pictures of the famed St Clair’s Falls and the Devon Falls.

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