Ella Flower Garden Resort

Safely tucked in the mountainous cradle of Ella, 205-KM from cosmopolitan Colombo, the ‘Ella Flower Garden Resort’ combines cosy interiors with panoramic views of Ella Rock.

Best Known For

Named in a tribute to its bowery garden bannered with breeze-rippled blossoms, the ‘Ella Flower Garden Resort’ offers a cosy base for a ramble-the-countryside-and-smile-for-the-photograph vacation. Set to gaze across the smoke-blue hills, the rooms and chalets open onto private balconies.

The Experience

Each room at the ‘Ella Flower Garden Resort’ consists of standard facilities, such as a private bathroom, seating area and Wi-Fi. These rooms offer single, double and triple accommodation choices. Separated from the main building, enfolded in networks of verdant trees, the chalets offer romance and seclusion. Lovingly gazing across the Ella Gap, the restaurant at this hill country bolthole offers up local and international cuisine. Guests can also choose to dine at the outdoor deck. An array of services, including bicycle and car rent, airport transfers and tour arrangements is available on request.

Around and About

A picture book illustration by the true artist that is Mother Nature, the Ella village sums up the perfect hill country vacation. Some of the famed attractions include Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock, Dunhinda Falls, Diyaluma Falls and Demodara Nine Arches Bridge. Stroll the breezy walks fallen through emerald tea fields and submit to the delightfully slow pace of village life.

As you kick back at the balcony with a hot cuppa, a diaphanous, lilac mist rests upon the green hills. Scent of newly-sprung roses lingers in the air…

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