Eagles Ridge Log Cabin

Hidden away in the golden-green arms of the mountains of Hatton is ‘Eagles Ridge Log Cabin’. The idyllic cottage type retreat reposes in an unspoiled backdrop located approximately 130 KM from Colombo.

Best Known For

The cosy cottages at ‘Eagle Ridge Log Cabin’ are scattered in the picturesque landscape of Lethenty Estate. These wooden cottages with thatched roofs resemble the warm, rustic homesteads that dot the area. Enveloped in prolific greenery, the cabins exude hill country charm.

The Experience

‘Eagle Ridge Log Cabin’ consists of four lodges, two of which accommodate 4 guests each and the remaining two, 6 guests each. The cottages are furnished with attached bathrooms with hot water. Interiors are decorated in warm wooden hues, complementing the colours of Mother Nature. The country lodge also features a dining area, natural pool and outdoor BBQ area.

Around and About

The scenic hillscape of Hatton is informally known as the Tea Capital of Sri Lanka. The sleepy hamlet is tranquil except for the buzz of tea manufacturing. Prowling about its many tea gardens is a fantastic way to soak in the beauty of the little town. One can also venture out to the neighbouring tea towns of Talawakelle, Bogawanthalawa and Watawala. Laxapana, Devon and St. Clair’s Falls are a few waterfalls to watch in the location. Hatton is also dotted with some interesting Hindu Kovils that are faithful portrayals of vibrant Hindu culture. The area provides many scenic trails which are ideal for bird watching.

35 KM from Hatton is the sacred mountain of Adam’s Peak which is ritually climbed during the night. Walk up along the illuminated tracks and reach the summit on time to witness the splendour of the sunrise. 42 KM from Hatton, the charming hillside city of Nuwara Eliya rejoices in a glory of tea plantations, waterfalls, mountains and beautiful country parks.

Seated on a pontoon that lazily glides down the Castlereagh Reservoir, you are witnessing a storybook-like view. From glistening emerald waters to rolling mountains; you are wonderstruck by Hatton.

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