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Peeping through the jungle-clad landscape of Palatupana, Tissamaharama in the deep South of Sri Lanka is ‘Chena Huts’. Dotting the tumultuous blue skirts of the Indian Ocean; flanked by a jungle on one side and a lake on the other, a backdrop approximately 280-KM away from Colombo sets the stage for the resort.

Best Known For

The 14 luxurious huts that hug the fruitful 7 acre landscape take inspiration from the humble traditional huts that are placed on high trees in the rural Chena cultivations. Under the rustic-looking roofs of the chalets are log furniture and African-style furnishings that bestrew the ambiance of ‘Chena Huts’ with a cascading ‘safari theme’.

The Experience

The huts, though fondly called such to pay tribute to the modest farming lifestyle, are in fact opulent private pavilions that are thrown at intervals on green carpets. Each pavilion captures scenes of the seascape and the riotous wilderness. The cabins consist of a living space, bedroom and an en suite bathroom which is fitted with a bathtub. Sunk onto the shaded outdoor deck of each hut is a 5-M plunge pool. The vernacular architecture of the exteriors with its woody accents beautifully fuses into the folksy, agrarian setting.

Tucked away in a sheltered nook of ‘Chena Huts’ is the spa where a bouquet of Ayurvedic, Swedish, Balinese and other soothing massages are offered to soothe your body and transport you into a place of calm.

‘The Basses Restaurant’ named such as a token of love for the nearby lighthouse of the same name offers an exotic dining experience. It is artistically braided with nautical tones to make you dream about seafaring and far-away lands as you tuck into paradisiac meals. Bonfire and beach dining also are arranged to suit your moods.

Soak up in the blue and bliss of the swimming pool. When the stars pierce through the glossy black page of the night, enjoy a cold one at the poolside bar which is hidden away behind a tiny waterfall.

Around and About

Tissamaharama is an intricate network of beauty where copious wilds run into ancient Stupas; bush-bordered paths take you to the middle of nowhere; Chena cultivations spread out in abundance. Bushwhack through the history-drenched wilderness taking in the loveliness of the sparkling-white Stupas of the Yatala Wehera and Tissa Dagoba and finish off with a dip in the Tissa Weva Reservoir. The silky beach of Tissamaharama is a favourite night-time haunt of elephants who come to frolic in the sea spray and turtles who lay their eggs in the hush hush of the moonlight. A saline lake that fringes ‘Chena Huts’ is the arena for a beautiful choreographed concert of ibises, painted storks and flamingos. A tangle of rustic paths that falls through the village will take you to unspoilt places where shadows, brown and green foliage and chorus of birds blend into a symphony.

An approximately 10-Minute drive from ‘Chena Huts’ will take you to the Yala National Park on whose grasslands and tanks domicile herds of elephants, crocodiles, sambar deer, endemic and migrant birds and a myriad other fauna. An hour’s drive from the boutique hotel will see you glorying in the colours and melodies of the bird-wonderland of Bundala.

Basking on a seaside backdrop 25-Minutes away from ‘Chena Huts’ is the alluring, legend-threaded hamlet of Kirinda which is famed for the Kirinda Temple that sits on a rocky outcrop. The beach of Kirinda is hauntingly beautiful and has a flavour of mystery to it, thanks to the legends as old as time woven around it.

You are back in your opulent pavilion at ‘Chena Huts’ after a sun-warm day of drowning in the colours and scenes of a far-flung paradise. It is still the mid-afternoon and the heat is wonderfully hypnotic. As the sultry winds lull you into a siesta, the red sun and rustic scenes of an hour ago flow through into your dreams.

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