C Negombo

Located at Porutota Road in coastal Negombo is a contemporary stay; the ‘C Negombo’.

Best Known For

Located an approximately 30 minute drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport, the ‘C Negombo’ offers a pleasant setting for one’s first or last vacation day in the tropical isle. From a breezy terrace with a scrumptious menu and an eclectic restaurant, to starry barbeques on the beach; indulge in the best of gastronomic treats.

The Experience

This beachside budget accommodation in Negombo contains a selection of tastefully-appointed guest rooms, some of which offer a view of the ocean. These rooms come equipped with a host of modern amenities, including air-conditioning and hot and cold water.

The breezy ‘Beach Terrace’ treats you to tasty nibbles, over views of the Indian Ocean whilst the hotel’s signature restaurant, ‘Calamari’ is centered on an Asian, Sri Lankan and Western inspired menu.

Around and About

The urban coastal city of Negombo combines a vivacious character with a scenic charm. Cruise the mangrove-flourishing Negombo Lagoon, immersing in colourful birdlife. Amble along the soft sandy beaches of Negombo and swim in sun-coated brine waters. Pedal through the city, exploring the Dutch Fort, Clock Tower and quaint colonial churches.

Barbeque on the beach as a starry night looms above. ‘C Negombo’, a bright start to your holiday…

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