Belpeak Cottage

A cosy bungalow snuggled in the midst of the silent mountains of Belihuloya, the ‘Belpeak Cottage’ is an evocation of idyllic valley-life. A precious reminder of misty days away from tedious daily routines, this dream of a private lodge is located roughly 150 KM from the bustling commercial gardens of Colombo and 42 KM from the balmy backwaters of Bandarawela.

Best Known For

Tucked in a charming garden of moist country vegetation and flowering plants unleashing their gift of blossoms unto the world, ‘Belpeak Cottage’ grows from a pastoral fabric where the way of nature is pristine and slow-moving. Bristling with dark-wood furnishings and soft hues, the home-spun ambiance of the interiors keeps one woven into a contented frame of mind.

The Experience

Furnished with a queen size bed, the standard room that overlooks the bloom-filled gardens is designed to sleep two guests. Affording dreamy views of the rolling hills, the family accommodation features one king and one queen bed, entertaining a family of five. From grey-tiled modern bathrooms, to softly-lit rooms painted in light-yellow, the cottage exudes a laid-back vibe. This mountain bungalow offers up Ceylonese culinary classics, as well as, international tuck-ins, to suit guests’ palette. The garden seats are perfect for a lazy evening of wandering through a travel magazine, over a cuppa. Meals can be arranged at the cosy indoor dining area or the breezy veranda. This Belihuloya bungalow offers facilities like a washing machine, microwave oven and Wi-Fi.

Around and About

Swathes of breezy hills and roaring waterfalls come together to choreograph the idyllic hamlet of Belihuloya. Glistening cascades roll down from rugged mountains, including Bambarakanda Falls, Pahanthuda Ella and Brampton Falls. The Belihuloya River, after which the village has been named, tumbles downwards in to the Samanala Wewa Reservoir. Nestled in a transitional area between the Hill and Low Country, the hillside estate brims with semi-evergreen forests and tropical savannah forests. From rock climbing and hiking, to cycling and bird-watching, there are many enchanting ways to spend a couple of days in Belihuloya.

As you hike the Hagala Moutain, mist-washed air jumps at you like a fresh dream. Looking from high up, the village of Belihuloya lies like a dreamy map without borders.

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