Ariya Rest House

Cosily tucked in the shadow of the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa is a place of tropical rest: ‘Ariya Rest House’.

Best Known For

Nestled a heartbeat from the ancient Kiri Vehera Stupa, the ‘Ariya Rest House’ provides a serene base for the traveller seeking to explore Polonnaruwa on a budget. Pleasant accommodation is combined with home-cooked meals, creating a sense of homely peace.

The Experience

Furnished with air-conditioning, the rooms at this rest house offer cosy bedding and complimentary Wi-Fi. The Ayurveda centre specializes in oil therapies and herbal treatments that help restore one’s natural balance. Choose from mouthwatering Sri Lankan, Asian and Western dishes, made with the day’s lake catch and garden-harvested ingredients.

Around and About

Inhibiting Sri Lanka’s bosky North Central Province is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Polonnaruwa. The ancient kingdom is a treasure trove of astounding attractions, such as the rock temple of Gal Vihara, elevated stone platform of Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, brick stupa of Rankoth Vehera and the relic shrine of Hatadage.

Stone ruins take you to another time, another life. Polonnaruwa; history lives here…

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