Anilana Craigbank Nuwara Eliya

A certain four-bedroomed villa in Nuwara Eliya is a stunning throwback to a bygone era - ‘Anilana Craigbank Nuwara Eliya’.

Best Known For

Hugged by the misty arms of Kandyan hills, the ‘Anilana Craigbank Nuwara Eliya’ lodges a beautifully-manicured garden, overlooking the quaint Nuwara Eliya Golf Club and the meandering countryside. From art deco, traditional designs and antiques to lit fireplaces at night and coffee-table-decked drawing rooms; a romantic, secluded retreat beckons.

The Experience

Beautifully decked out inside the favoured family and honeymoon accommodation, each of the 4 bedrooms offer an oversized, deep-mattressed king bed and an en suite bathroom. From the airy, bathtub-detailed South Room and the sunny, romance-inspired North Room to the quiet, aged-furniture-adorned East Room and the ornate, art-deco-ceilinged West Room; each guest accommodation embraces a charmingly unique character.

Breezy Western breakfasts, warm lunches on the lawn, afternoon tea in the verandah, cosy dinners at the traditional dining room and star-lit garden barbeques - culinary choices captivate. A TV room, books and card games entice on rainy evenings.

Around and About

Once the favoured hub of British planters, echoes of its former life can still be found in Nuwara Eliya. Aptly named ‘Little England’, the highland bolthole is clad in misty mountains, strawberry patches, straggling tea gardens and vintage-fashioned cottages. The Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Devon Falls, Victoria Park and Lake Gregory are some attractions to delve into while kicking back at this hill station.

Strolling the Craigbank gardens, your cares are taken far away. Mist, bloom and breeze of the countryside…

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