Almost 2 hours down south of the commercial capital of Colombo lies a laid back, mellow fishing hamlet that is shrouded in luxury and idyllic beaches. The fishing village of Wadduwa has become a favourite respite for many urban folk to escape the fast paced hustle and bustle. Conveniently located between Colombo and Bentota, the little village boasts of sun, sand and beach, along with a number of luxury accommodation options, to just kick back and enjoy the laid back island vibes.

Top Reason to Visit

Although small, the fishing hamlet of Wadduwa is known for quite a number of features, including religious temples, exclusive jewellery shops, along with a number of handicrafts and wood carvings for souvenirs. However, taking the top reason is none other than the pristine golden beaches of the village. Complementing that is the luxury that lines its shores, with a great many hotels and resorts setting up shop in the tranquil hamlet.

While You’re There

Long sandy curved beaches and gin-clear seas:

The little fishing village in Sri Lanka is blessed with a seamless stretch of beach, laden with golden sands and azure seas, perfect for basking in the tranquil vibes. As a result of such an intriguing feature, it has become quite a popular attraction to both, locals and foreigners alike. Tourists, mainly coming in to escape the rat race of commercial Colombo, enjoy the activity that goes on the beach too, as the place is known for windsurfing and if the winds are not on your side, you still have beach volleyball to partake in; why not enjoy a game with your friends and family?

Luxury everywhere you go:

One thing that is never in short supply is the luxury that stretches along the beaches of the fishing village. Wadduwa is dotted with a number of luxury resorts, spas and hotels, perfect for any and all looking to soothe those ruffled feathers and just reset. The hotels and resort spas offers the best services to unwind, relax and bask in the serenity of the island paradise. Wadduwa proves to be a place to visit, be it with your family, friends or significant other.

Looking to mark the journey?:

Although cocooned in luxury, due to the number of spa resorts and hotels along the beaches, the village is famed for its rich cultivation of coconut palms, toddy tapping and vinegar production. The laid back village is also known for the traditional manufacturing of handicrafts and is clearly seen along the streets, as many makeshift stalls set up shop to sell souvenirs; from distinctive devil masks to brooms, carpets and kitchen utensils made from coconut fibre, Wadduwa is an ideal place to look for a reasonably priced souvenir that would mark your time in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Should you be looking for something more unique, then visit the many jewellery shops that line the streets, as they will be more than willing to craft a unique piece just for you.

Insider Advice

Travel: Getting about in Wadduwa is not necessarily that difficult, as it is a small fishing hamlet that only has the beach as the main attraction. Should you opt to explore further, there are a number of options, such as the bus service or tuk-tuk services to choose from.

Weather: The town of Wadduwa experiences a tropical climate averaging a temperature of 30°C with quite high humidity, however, the months of January and February have been known to be quite stable, as temperatures go down to 28°C, along with its humidity.

Money: Debit and credit cards are quite worthless, apart from the fine dining restaurants at the hotels and supermarkets, therefore it is imperative that you carry cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, 50s and 100s.

Clothing: It is best to be dressed in light, comfortable clothing when traversing through the streets of the town. Beach wear is permitted when on the beach.

Safety: Wadduwa is a safe and laid back town that has an accommodating society. However, it would not hurt to keep a watchful eye on your personal belongings.

Meals and refreshments: There are quite a number of hotels and restaurants that could cover your meals and refreshments, however, you could go local and try out the food from the scattered local eateries.

In short, Wadduwa is nothing short of luxury, rustic and laid back; what more could you ask for, if you are looking to lay back and take it slow?

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