Around 7 hours from the commercial-scapes of Colombo, through the Cultural Triangle and ending up at the serene East coast is Pasikuda; a little hamlet located in Sri Lanka that has become a prime location to enjoy the tropical offerings of the island paradise. Boasting of idyllic beaches, mellow vibes and exhilarating adventure, Pasikuda may be small in size, but offers a world of activity to travellers.

Top Reason to Visit

The Eastern hamlet of Pasikuda has one top reason to visit; that is its sickle shaped, golden hued sandy beaches. With a number of luxury resorts lining the beach, the place is an idyllic location to experience a relaxing beach getaway. Moreover, lined up with exhilarating water sports, Pasikuda is a haven for the adventure junkie too.

While You’re There

A Shangri-La of Sri Lanka:

Pasikuda is home to one of the more iconic beaches in the island paradise of Sri Lanka. Shaped in the form of a sickle, complete with golden sands, glistening calm waters and host to one of the longest stretches of shallow reef coastline in the world, the Pasikuda beach is idyllic to while away under the warmth of an island sun. Coupled with luxury accommodation providers, your dream beach getaway is right here in this little hamlet of Pasikuda.

Are you a thrill seeker?:

Its beaches have become a playground to the nature enthuse and the adrenaline junkies, as it is possible to partake in a number of water sports and excursions. Go ahead and dive into the depths of the coral reefs, while scuba diving or snorkeling and linger around the thriving marine life that wanders about in the azure waters. Should you opt for something more heart pumping, wind surfing, kite boarding and water skiing entice the adventure seekers.

Is the coconut a fruit or a nut?:

Pasikuda may be known for its paradise beaches, however, just behind the luxury resorts and hotels lies an intriguing park that is all things coconut. While visiting the Coconut Cultural Park, it is possible to delve into the origins and uses of the coconut that many of us take for granted. Used in manufacturing timber, rope, cooking oil, toddy, cosmetics and a myriad of other products, it just might be possible to finally discern whether the coconut is a fruit or a nut.

Insider Advice

Travel: Getting about is quite easy, as most places of interest are in close proximity to each other. You could either, hire a scooter from your accommodation provider or use the bus service. Should you choose to hire a tuk-tuk, it is recommended that you research the distance to the destination and agree on a price with the driver before you hop in.

Weather: Pasikuda experiences a typical tropical climate, where temperatures often average 30°C with high humidity. Often experienced in the months from March to October, these months are the ideal months to enjoy the idyllic beaches. November to February is normally when the area experiences rainfall, however, it does not dampen the adventure spirit in the area.

Money: Apart from the hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, credit and debit cards are not commonly accepted here. Therefore, it is important that you carry cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, 50s and 100s, so as to make small transactions all the more easier.

Clothing: Light comfortable clothing is recommended when traversing the streets of the little hamlet.

Safety: The little hamlet is a safe and friendly place to travel. It is still important that you keep a watchful eye on your belongings.

Meals and refreshments: There are a number of local eateries scattered across the town, but you could also opt for your accommodation provider to cover your meals and refreshments too.

Tucked in the serene East coast of the Batticaloa District, Pasikuda has become a haven to many travellers looking to relax with a little bit of adventure thrown in the mix; bask in the mellow vibes and comfort of the little hamlet.

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