A 2 ½ hour drive down the E1 will lead you to a little town called Mirissa, famed for its golden sand crescent beaches, thriving whale population, party atmosphere, and water sports activities. The once tiny fishing village in Sri Lanka has become a major beach holiday destination for tourists and locals alike due to the calm and friendly atmosphere by day, and party atmosphere by night. It really is a strip of paradise on earth.

Top Reason to Visit

The golden sands, and calm beaches bordered by the deep blue Indian Ocean teeming with majestic whales to the West and vibrant bars and restaurants to the East, the main reason to visit the seaside town is because it offers an all-round experience where casual fun is met with unforgettable experiences.

While You're There

Witness a majestic mammal:

The end of November through March brings in the most crowds to Mirissa. The weather is perfect, and better yet, the largest mammal in the world wanders about near the shores of the town, making whale watching a major tourist attraction during these months. Just watching the common Blue whale species somersaulting underwater, surfacing out and flapping their fins, is truly something that never ceases to amaze. If you are lucky you will also get to witness some interesting pods of dolphins playing about, alongside some schools of sea turtles.

Let that adventure side out:

The relatively calm beaches make it the perfect location to venture out in the deep blue. Water sports activities, such as snorkeling and diving has become mainstream. The existence of an amazing marine eco system, has brought about the opportunity to witness a unique lifestyle while partaking in these activities. Moreover, the beach has become an ideal surfing spot for the beginner and intermediate surfer, due to its predictable breakers collapsing shoreward.

Party like it is 1999:

Life on the beach is party everyday with the many bars and restaurants playing some pumping tunes till late several nights a week, making it the ideal party destination in the country. Its notoriety of being a party destination around the world has made it equivalent to Kuta in Bali. Go on, grab a drink with your friends, hit the dance floor, and party like it is 1999. So if you see a bar rocking, don't bother knocking... just come on in.

Can you keep a secret?:

Although known for being the young traveler’s party destination, there is one place where you could crack open a coconut, slip into a hammock and rock gently in the breeze, allowing the hours, days and even weeks to slip calmly by. Secret Beach is a secluded strip of beach head that is not very easy to reach, as it can be reached only by foot. Located across the Weligama Bay, sunsets here are one of the most serene you can experience in the country.

Explore a quiet town:

Renting a bicycle, or scooter is considered the best way to explore the little seaside town. The atmosphere changes altogether when venturing further inland, with all that party atmosphere transforming to rural quietness. It really is something special.

Insider Advice

Travel: Mirissa is a very small town, and the main spots are very close by and can be reached by foot. You could choose from a range of other modes as well, such bicycles, scooters, and tuk-tuks. This can always be arranged by accommodation provider for a nominal fee.

Weather: The town generally experiences clear weather during the months from November to March, making it ideal for visiting the area, in order to make the most of your trip down south.

Money: It is important to carry cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, LKR 50s and LKR 100s, since many of the shops, with the exception of the bars and trendy restaurants do not accept credit and debit cards.

Clothing: Casual wear or beach wear is the way to go here.

Safety: It is always to be mindful of your belongings, especially in the crowded beach areas, since it be misplaced or stolen.

Meals and refreshments: Numerous places set up tables and chairs right up to the tide, day and night. Wander and compare which one has the freshest seafood. All are good for a beer; some also serve espresso coffee.

A little seaside town sprawling with a vibrant adventurous and party atmosphere really does make the foundations for an unforgettable experience during your travel around the Pearl of Indian Ocean.

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