2 - 3 hours away from the hustle and bustle of commercial Colombo, lies one of the more overlooked coastal towns in the south coast Sri Lanka, known as Kosgoda. The fishing village of Kosgoda is a rural gem on the southern coast as it is devoid of mass tourism and urbanization. Moreover, its pristine beaches and lush green surroundings have created an ecosystem teeming with biodiversity, namely sea turtles and birds, making it all the more enticing to include it in the travel itineraries of tourists and locals.

Top Reason to Visit

Kosgoda is slowly becoming a major tourist spot in Sri Lanka due to its unhindered natural beauty that has not been tarnished by man. One of the more notable ways of experiencing this is by witnessing the sea turtles taking refuge on the beaches of the town and the successful preservation of this ecosystem by the Sea Turtle Conservation Project, run by many volunteers coming from all over the world. Therefore, it takes the top spot for the reason to visit here.

While You’re There

Nature’s saviour:

Kosgoda’s beaches prove to be a haven for 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles across the entire world. Due to the alarming rate of poaching of sea turtle eggs around the world, the tightly knit community of Kosgoda plays its part in the conservation process of these creatures. The Sea Turtle Conservation Project, initially started by the local fishing community, has played a major role in the conservation process employing many incentives to stop fishermen from poaching the eggs. A simple visit or even volunteering for the project would make anyone appreciate the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature.

A place of solace:

The beaches also prove to be one of the calmest in the country due to its recent inclusion in the travel map. It may be devoid of that party atmosphere, but something that it does have is the peace and serenity of the crashing waves along the shore and a view of the deep blue Indian Ocean.

A lagoon of wonder:

A lesser known attraction in the rustic town is the Kosgoda Lagoon. A boat ride around the lagoon will enthrall the nature enthusiast as it is home to a great many species of birds. Moreover, the lagoon also serves as an exquisite spot for witnessing some majestic sunsets that would awe you at the very sight of it.

Increasing popularity:

More recently, Kosgoda has risen as a place for the adventure junky too. Due to the great beaches present close by, many can partake in jet skiing, waterskiing and windsurfing. Go ahead and indulge in some adrenaline rushing water sports among the great beaches of the area, while soaking in the rural beauty of the village from the sea.

A contributor to the country’s name:

Historically, Kosgoda was a major spice producing town, namely cinnamon. Kosgoda’s cinnamon cultivation was a major contributor in establishing Sri Lanka as the best spice producer in the world. Although now overshadowed by the beaches, sea turtles and scenic views, Kosgoda still possesses that old spice producing heritage in the form of the Cinnamon Training Academy, showcasing the labour intensive technique that goes into spicing up cuisine around the world.

Insider Advice

Travel: Getting about in the fishing village of Kosgoda is not very difficult since most places of interest are in close proximity. Walking or using bicycles and scooters are the best way to get about the town and can be arranged by certain accommodation providers. There are tuk-tuks that can be hired, however, they tend to quote high prices for a small trip, so you might have to do a bit of haggling.

Weather: The months from January to March are considered the best time to visit the little town as the weather is favourable for travelling, although hot and humid for the most part. Other months also experience similar hot and humid weather, but much higher than the first four months of the year.

Money: Credit and debit cards prove to be worthless here as it is a rural area. Therefore carrying cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, LKR 50s and LKR 100s are imperative to survive the town.

Clothing: To be clad in casual / light wear is the best way to travel around the beaches and the town in general.

Safety: Kosgoda is not a crowded place and is very safe, however, it does not hurt to be careful of your personal belongings.

Meals and refreshments: There a very few local eateries established that are scattered all over and sometimes quite difficult to locate, however, all accommodation providers provide this basic amenity, which is the safer option to choose.

All in all, Kosgoda may be quite a rural area with nothing much to offer in the naked eye, however, a closer look tells otherwise. With its pristine beaches, marine life, scenic views and serenity, Kosgoda should definitely be on your itinerary while journeying around the Paradise Island.

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