Around 2 and a half hours down the E1 will lead you to a little resort town, known as Koggala. Although small in size the fishing hamlet is a trove of unhindered nature, with its fine beach strip to the west and a serene lagoon thriving with rich biodiversity in the east. Couple that with a unique fishing tradition that has been passed from generation to generation, and you have got a unique beach getaway.

Top Reason to Visit

The Koggala River and Koggala Lake that forms the Koggala Lagoon, along with being considered one of the longest beaches in Sri Lanka, and arguably, one of the finest beaches in the world, make it to the top when looking for the perfect reason to visit the little seaside town.

While You're There

A lagoon full of wonders:

With a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, the Koggala Lagoon is just one of the more overlooked hidden gems the Pearl of the Indian Ocean has to offer. Boasting of many little islets shrouded in mangroves, and even a cinnamon plantation, the lagoon serves to be of natural significance, as well as economic significance, considering the fact that 80 per cent of world’s cinnamon production comes from Sri Lanka. Sailing along such a serene body of water with all the sites of little islets, coupled with the unique sound of bird calls, make it all the more enticing to partake in such an excursion.

Brave the waves:

The beach area is known for being one of the longest and finest beaches in Sri Lanka, with its golden sun kissed sandy shore. However, Koggala beach is also known for what lies beyond the beach. The breakers along the shore of the beach area has become one of the more overlooked surf spots in Sri Lanka, mainly because the breakers are quite aggressive and unsafe for the beginner. Surfing here is strictly for the more advanced. Moreover, the relative emptiness of the sea makes it perfect to take on a breaker by yourself, without stumbling on a fellow surfer.

Patience is a virtue:

An interesting site along the beaches of Koggala are stilt fishermen that sit on top of bamboo stilts driven in chest deep waters for hours on end, in order to catch fish for their meals or for trade. Stilt fishing can easily be seen during the high tide, where the local fishermen only catch a handful of fish for the whole time they are perched on the bamboo stilt, making it an activity of great patience. Do take note though that a photograph of the fishermen in action will cost you, since the fishermen do ask for payment.

An interesting museum:

The Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum is another attraction in the little seaside town, which boasts of the history of one of Sri Lanka’s loved authors, along with a glance into the village lifestyle that has changed over the years. In addition to its exhibits, the tranquil surroundings of the museum certainly does make for a perfect spot for just taking a break from the scorching sun.

Insider Advice

Travel: Tuk-tuks are locally available for short journeys, and car rentals (with driver) are convenient for excursions. Just make sure you research on the distance of destination when taking a tuk-tuk since they might overcharge (If they do not possess a metre).

Weather: Koggala experiences the best weather during the months from January to March, when the temperature and humidity averages a more suitable range for traveling.

Money: Carrying cash in hand is highly recommended with small notes like LKR 20s, 50s and 100s, since most shops, apart from the supermarkets, do not accept credit and debit cards.

Clothing: Casual / light wear is the best option when travelling around the town. Beach wear is also permissible if planning on just relaxing on the beach.

Safety: Since it is a resort town, safety is very much assured. However, do be mindful about your belongings.

Meals and refreshments: There are very few independent restaurants scattered across the beach roads, but virtually all of the large hotels have a fine choice of dining options.

Looking for that beach getaway to just get away from the rat race of civilization? Located down south and virtually overlooked by many, Koggala offers the perfect blend of nature, tranquility and interesting traditions.

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