Located 6 hours from Colombo, nestled in lush green mountains with tea plantations cascading down, the little hill country town Ella (translated as ‘Waterfall) has become a traveler’s go to destination to experience nature, adventure, relaxation, and party. The abundance of exquisite accommodation, daunting mountains and waterfalls, architectural wonders, and a great atmosphere filled with fellow travelers serves to be the perfect concoction of that perfect nature retreat you have been looking for.

Top Reason to Visit

There are many reasons to visit Ella, however, it is the untouched beauty of the landscapes that surround the town that take the top spot. Lush green tea plantations, alongside mountains dissecting exemplary waterfalls on one end, and architectural wonders on the other end, there is plenty of eye candy for the traveler looking for Mother Nature at its most majestic.

While You're There

Unforgettable mountainous sceneries:

Sri Lanka lives up to its name of being called the Paradise Island due to the many majestic sceneries the country offers. A majority of them can be witnessed in this little mountain town shrouded in lush greenery. Views from the Little Adam’s Peak, and Ella Rock have been some of the most breathtaking views, showcasing Mother Nature in her most majestic form.

Monuments made from the stuff of legends:

Ella is home to interesting monuments, both manmade and natural. The Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is a bridge of legend due to its architecture, believed to be made by a local builder with no formal architecture schooling. The stone bridge of more than 100 years still stands strong in its natural state. Similarly, Ravana Falls also serves to be a natural monument that is believed to have played a major part in the mythological story of ‘Ramayana’ that tells of a war between a Sri Lankan king and an Indian king. The backdrop of green tea plantations crisscrossing the monuments certainly makes the iconic locations much more picturesque.

A hiker’s stomping ground:

The mountain town deserves to be named a hiker’s paradise in the country, since it is home to many mountains, both easy and difficult. Mountains such as the picturesque Little Adam’s Peak, scenic Ella Rock, and the lush greenery of Lipton’s Seat are just some of the more notable mountains that many attempt to conquer while partaking in trekking expeditions. Moreover, you could also attempt to reach the top of the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, the Diyaluma Falls to get an interesting vantage point drop, 220 metres above the town (Please do be careful though).

Cook the Sri Lankan way:

Want to know how Sri Lankan food gets it unique taste? The Ella Spice Garden located just outside the town proves to be a great place to indulge in an exquisite culinary experience. Learn to cook many traditional dishes, while understanding the reason for spicing up dishes. Cooking classes here, along with the great food it provides are always a treat to anyone who visits the place.

Just relax:

Although most noted for the many hiking opportunities, the town is also famous for being a spot to just take in the rustic mountain breeze and the amazing views. At night, the town becomes quite lively too, with fellow travelers wondering about chatting and having a drink. The combination of nature and socialization really does make for the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Insider Advice

Travel: Getting about the town is relatively easy since most places of interest are in close proximity, however, you could hire tuk-tuks or take the bus. Keep in mind though when hiring a tuk-tuk, it is best to research on the distance of your destination since you might have to haggle when the drivers quote an exorbitant price.

Weather: Ella generally is an all year long destination, since it experiences relatively a calm temperate climate, however, is best experienced during the months between March to June, and then from December to February, when the weather is much more calm and predictable.

Money: it is important to carry cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, LKR 50s and LKR 100s for your everyday needs, since credit and debit cards are not accepted everywhere.

Clothing: Light / casual travel wear is highly advised. When partaking in a hike make sure you are clad in proper hiking clothes.

Safety: The town area is generally very safe, however, do be careful of your belongings, as it could get misplaced.

Meals and refreshments: There are a number of establishments in the town area that serve the budget traveler to the luxurious traveler, so you are most definitely covered in that department.

Showcasing of Mother Nature in her most majestic form, along with a friendly atmosphere, Ella is truly a gem of a town to be explored.

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