The Southern coast of Sri Lanka may be host to a myriad of locations for a beach holiday getaway. However, the coastal town of Bentota, almost 2 hours away from Colombo, is famed as the prime location for that ‘luxurious’ beach holiday getaway boasting of a tranquil environment along with delightfully calm beaches.

Top Reason to Visit

It is the calm blue sea, the pristine palm fringed beaches and the abundance of luxurious resorts that entice many to visit the small town. The rural, rustic and tranquil environment, away from the urban jungle makes the town favourable, for that much needed tropical holiday you always wanted.

While You're There

Sun, sand and beaches:

Its rural location with its rustic outlook, along with the pristine beaches and clear blue skies makes it the ideal location for you to sit down on one of the beach beds and bask in the calm environment. It does not end there, as many of the luxury resorts go one step ahead in making your tropical holiday just so much better, by providing exquisite therapeutic sessions to relax that stressful mind.

Walk around an arcade of shops:

The perfect memorabilia can be purchased easily as the Bentota National Holiday Resort complex is host to many handicraft shops and even an open air theatre, along with a range of luxury hotels and resorts. Occasionally you could also witness some traditional dances at the open air theatre to top it all off.

Fishing in the deep blue:

Bentota is an ideal location for deep sea fishing, which has become a famous tourist activity. Species such as sailfish, wahoo, tuna, dorado (dolphin-fish), giant travelly (GT), barracuda, king mackerel and the occasional marlin can be caught when venturing out on the deep blue. You could also witness some other species that are protected and if you are really lucky, you could see a whale wave its fin at you.

Water sports for everybody:

Tired of the beach? Head out to the River Bentara or Bentota lagoon that provide a host of opportunities to partake in some water sports such as jet skiing, diving, windsurfing and parasailing to satisfy that adventurous soul in you.

Great excursions to consider:

Bentota may be a small town, but is also packed with unique features. Just 8 KM inland is the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery that is aimed at protecting the turtle population of Sri Lanka. The Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya near the River Bentara is believed to date back to the 12th century and has an interesting story of its creation as it houses the tooth relic of Lord Buddha’s 3rd disciple. The ‘Brief garden’ too is another lovely example of diverse landscapes the small town has, as it resembles that of traditional Japanese gardens displaying horticultural wonders.

Insider Advice

Travel: Getting about the town is very simple, as it is very small and most places of interest are in close proximity.

Money: Since it caters to the luxury traveler, money can be substituted for credit cards as many shops accept debit and credit cards. However, it is best to carry cash with small notes like LKR 20s, LKR 50s and LKR 100s for small expenses.

Safety: It is important to be vigilant with your belongings, especially in crowded areas, as it could get snatched unknowingly.

Weather: Bentota experiences tropical weather throughout the year, but is best experienced between the months of August and January where the sky is clear and the sea is calm.

Clothing: Beach wear or casual wear can be worn as there is no strict dress code, especially on the beach area. The only exception being the Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya, where clothing that covers the shoulders and legs are required in order to enter the place of worship.

All in all, the little town of Bentota, with its luxurious resorts, pristine golden beaches and calm sea proves to be the ideal location to spend that luxurious beach holiday getaway.

Title image by: Jehan Gamalathge
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