Just 2 hours away down south from Colombo is a small seaside town known as Balapitiya. The small fishing village in the south coast of Sri Lanka is just one of the few towns that have not been engulfed by mass tourism, thus sporting its rustic, untouched charm. It really is a gem hidden amongst a few others where you can forget all your troubles and unwind.

Top Reason to Visit

Balapitiya, with its rustic charm, unhindered beaches perfect for fishing, along with the Ramsar site of the Madu Ganga River is the perfect destination for anyone yearning to experience absolute peace and solitude.

While You're There

Leave your troubles:

With the town’s laid back mellow vibes and perfect beaches, it is perfect to just sit back and unwind. Due to Balapitiya being relatively isolated from mass tourism, as opposed to the neighbouring towns of Hikkaduwa and Bentota, it is possible to experience the true island lifestyle of the rural society. The easy lives they lead, coupled with its naturist appeal will definitely make you forget all about your troubles.

Go fish:

Balapitiya may not be known for many beach activities, however, some of the beach activities it is known for is fishing. In fact many inhabitants depend on the fishing culture they have developed for income. There is always something special when you patiently wait for fish to tug on the line, just urging you to heave the rod with all your strength.

An important biodiversity hotspot:

The Madu Ganga River is just one of the few places of interest inland of the village. Classified as a Ramsar site, it serves to be a major biodiversity hotspot in the country, home to approximately 303 species of plants belonging to 95 families and to 248 species of vertebrate animals. One of the spectacles in the little islets located on the river is the Kothduwa Temple, a temple that is associated with the story of how the sacred Tooth relic of Lord Buddha was brought to Sri Lanka. A boat ride along this river will allow you to revel in the diversity the little fishing hamlet has to offer.

Insider Advice

Travel: Travelling around the town would not be very difficult as most places are located close by. Travelling around by tuk-tuk can be quite pricy since most of the vehicles do not possess meters. Most likely you could rent bicycles from your accommodation provider for a much cheaper rate (Depends on your accommodation provider).

Weather: The months from January to March are considered to be the times when Balapitiya experiences the best weather, thus making it the perfect time to visit the place.

Money: It is important to carry cash in hand with small notes like LKR 20s, LKR 50s and LKR 100s since many of the shops do not accept credit and debit cards, apart from the supermarkets.

Clothing: Apart from the beach area, it is best to be clad conservatively as per the traditions of the Buddhist society in the area.

Safety: There is not much of a crowd in Balapitiya, which makes it quite safe, however, it highly advised to keep close tabs of your belongings.

Meals and refreshments: Due to its remoteness, there are not many established eateries, however, you do get the occasional local eating establishments scattered across the place.

In conclusion, Balapitiya proves to be just one of many places in the Paradise Island, off the beaten track, allowing you to experience the splendour of the Sri Lankan countryside.

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