Yue Chuan

From fusion treats bristling with Sri Lankan and Chinese flavour medleys, to well-balanced, modesly-flavoured Cantonese cuisine and boldly-accented, authentic Szechuan cuisine, ‘Yue Chuan’ at ‘The Kingsbury’ serves up a slice of the oriental gastronomy.

The Menu

Exotic tropical flavours wander into warm oriental notes in Sri Lankan-Chinese Fusion dishes whilst authentic Chinese treats highlight lively culinary notes hailing from The Red Dragon. Deep-fried Golden Prawns, Fresh Vegetable Salad with Mango, Roast Pork, Salmon Sashimi and Multi-spiced Beef promises to lure your taste buds whilst Soups, such as Clear Vegetable and Seafood Tofu ladles out warm, comforting flavours.

In a tribute to Sri Lanka’s oceanic roots and China’s fabled seafood recipes, dishes like Steamed Prawns, Gonabao Cuttlefish, Lobster Poached in Chicken Consomme, Fried Crab Hong Kong Style and Crispy Grouper revels in delicious interplay between original sauces and varied culinary styles, whilst also unwrapping creative twists like the sambal chili sauce.Flavour and aroma beautifully unite in meat delights like Beer Duck Hunan Style, Sliced Beef Szechuan Style and Kung Pao Pork. From Stone Pot Beef and Clay Pot Chicken to Hot Pots simmering with Lamb, the pot selections at this restaurant at ‘The Kingsbury’ are the epitome of China’s culinary grandeur.

Fried Noodle and Rice offerings are tapestried with seafood, meat and veggies. Bok Choy with Black Mushroom, Sauteed Kang Kung and Fried Green Bean unveils pick-me-up vegetal notes. Almond Bean Curd, Mango Pudding, Pumpkin Cake and Lychees with Ice Cream combines timeless dessert flavours, whisking off the diner to that perfect-desert-high.

The Experience

At ‘Yue Chuan’, stately décor, soft lighting and soothing oriental music weaves into a classical ambiance.The glass-fronted open kitchen offers a lively view of the chefs’ superbowl, adding to the aura of the restaurant. Green cushioned chairs sit at grand tables in the main area whilst private dining rooms with golden illuminations and flower décor provide an elegant setting for intimate occasions.

Hot and sour soup with chicken and veggies; spicy and sour notes to kick up a breezy night.

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Sri Lankan-Chinese



Starting price

LKR 2800 Upwards

Business Hours

11.30am - 02.30pm, Monday to Sunday

06.30pm - 11.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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