Located at De Fonseka Road in Colombo, the ‘’ peps up Colombo’s dining arena with ‘wok ‘n’ roll’ delight.

The Menu

Spun around the concept of ‘make your own box’, the ‘’ tops off rice and noodle bases with seafood, veggie and meat treats - buttoning them up with delish signature sauces.

Choose from Chicken, Beef, Calamari, Prawn and Tofu - and have it served over Fried Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, Egg Noodles or Rice Noodles. Dance Button Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Peanut or Broccoli into this culinary creation and kick it up with one of the restaurant’s signature sauces, such as the garlic and red chili based Piping Clove or the kitul and kochchi inspired Angry Honey.

Pair your rich and aromatic meal with a fizzy drink or finish off with Gelato.

The Experience

Inspired by Asia’s famed ‘make your own box’ concept, this Asian restaurant in Colombo offers a fun and flavourful dining experience. Open for the evening, the ‘’ is perfect for a family dinner-out or friends’ meet up.

‘’; choose from a medley of flavours and create your own noodle story.

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Asian Fusion

Starting price

LKR 600 Upwards

Business Hours

04.00pm - 11.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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