Wan Ge Di Ya

‘Wan Ge Di Ya’ has recently opened at the Odel Promenade in the heart of Colombo 7. A dining venue that serves a gamut of Asian flavours and spice-infused dishes, offering a range of signature street food cuisine from Asian countries, namely, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

The Menu

The name of the restaurant ‘Wan Ge Di Ya’ is inspired by the Sri Lankan term used for the traditional stone mortar and pestle, which is commonly used in preparing many Asian cuisines and is found in Asian kitchens. The selection on the menu ranges from simple comfort food to the gastronomically exotic cultural delicacies.

Choose from intriguing drinks, tempting appetizers, flavourful salads, soothing soups, filling mains and a delight of desserts. Iced Chrysanthemum Tea or the sweet and puckery Vietnamese Salty Lemonade Tea is an interesting blend of conflicting tastes. The Chicken Satay marinated in Malaysian spices, flame grilled and served with peanut sauce or the Japchae - Korean Noodle Stir Fry, infused with a rainbow of vegetables, a hit of flank steak and gluten-free glass noodles. The Okonomiyaki; a savoury Japanese pancake or the Har Gow, a famous Chinese shrimp snack and Crab cooked in a variety of spiced styles, including the Pepper, Tamarind and Chili, as well as the Chinese Roast Pork and Duck, are just a few of the enticing food varieties on offer.

All this gastronomical feasting calls for a bit of lighthearted dessert. Rainbow Pearls is a dessert that comes from the central coast of Vietnam, where the street vendors serve a variety of fruit jelly and syrups, mixed together with coconut milk; tuck in or try the Ice Kachang, a popular concoction of crushed ice and sweet flavours and tone down the tropical heat.

The Experience

The ambience at the restaurant is cosy casual and can be likened to a street side café affording an outdoor eating extravaganza. Step into a space that is themed after the streets of bustling South Eastern destinations where street food is popular and the air is filled with anticipation. Sit down, place your order or pick and choose from action stations that are placed thematically around the dining space, giving it a street-like air. Look up and be blown away with the sight of hundreds of coloured lanterns suspended above, giving ‘Wan Ge Di Ya’ a festive and enchanting feel.

Title image by: Wan Ge Di Ya The information displayed is provided by Wan Ge Di Ya


Oriental and Eastern

Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Fast Food and Street Food

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