Thuna Paha

Spilling Ceylonese colours on ‘Waters Edge’s’ culinary canvas, the traditional restaurant ‘Thuna Paha’ lays out a pageantry of authentic Sri Lankan gastronomic delights, spanning every region of the tropical isle.

The Menu

From rice fields yielding golden harvests and abundant Chena gardens, to grand ma recipes still thriving in spice-scented kitchens, Sri Lankan culinary culture is characterized by its exotic dishes. Shepherded by three chefs, walking from three ethnicities, ‘Thuna Paha’ cooks up a storm with unique Sri Lankan flavour combinations. Paying homage to ‘ambula’, the traditional farmer meal served out on the threshold of rice fields by their wives, the dishes are carried to your table, in cane baskets, by young girls clad in redda and hatte (traditional cloth and jacket).

After whetting your appetite with Sri Lankan snacks, such as Crispy Kos Chips (bread fruit chips), Polos Cutlets (jack fruit cutlets), Fried Fish and Vadei (dhal fritters), dive into the exotic mains laid out on earthenware pots, before you. Ceylonese Rice offerings, such as Red and Saffron Rice are coupled with an orchestra of Curries like the Creamy Prawn, Jaffna Kool Crab, Black Pepper Lamb, Ambul Thiyal Fish (sour fish curry), Onion Sambal, Kos Mellum (jackfruit with coconut) and Innala Curry (Chinese potato), as well as, a crowd of Chutney and Pickle. Also arrayed is a host of Sri Lankan carb-fests, including Aappa with Lunumiris (hoppers with red chili sambol), Pittu with Kiri Hodi (steamed rice and coconut cake with coconut milk gravy), Roti, wood-fired Roast Paan (roasted flatbread) and Indi Aappa with Pol Sambol (string hoppers with coconut sambol).

Top off your meal with a delicacy inspired by coconut, the fruit of the tropical palm, such as, Watalappan (coconut custard pudding), Bibikkan (coconut cake) or Pol Toffee (coconut toffee) or enjoy a cup of melt-in-the-mouth Curd with Sweet Treacle.

The Experience

Nestled on a viridiscent esplanade, bordered by a glimmering green lake, a fascinating bridge leads one to the tranquil world of ‘Thuna Paha’. Designed with wood, clay and cane, the air-conditioned interior dining area exudes a serene, earthen vibe. Guests can also dine in the al fresco dining space, appointed amongst tropical greenery. A cosy bar named after the local version of tavern, ‘theberuma’, offers up exotic bites and drinks of vibrant character whilst a mini market by a model paddy field sells Sri Lankan sweetmeats, vegetables, spices, pottery, handicrafts, clothing and locally produced toiletries. Traditional artists give life to enchanting visual arts, such as Kandyan dances, devil dances and fire acts.

As you step into the softly-illuminated wonderland of ‘Thuna Paha’, dreamy Serendib music croons to you; oil cakes crackle on a traditional griddle, filling the air with beckoning aromas.

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Sri Lankan

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LKR 2100 Upwards

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07.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday

12.00pm - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

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