The Tuna & The Crab

Once upon a time, a chef found his gold between the tuna and the crab, and the rest is history.

The Menu

Nestled within the atmospheric Galle Fort, on Sri Lanka’s southern coastline, ‘The Tuna & The Crab’ is a festival of seafood and Japanese inspired delights. Stemming from a fresh-ingredients-only principle, the day’s catch sourced from sunny Galle oceans twirls into lunch and dinner feasts. Starter selections host soybean-based Edamame, sweet soy and mirin sauce-coated Tofu Steaks, pancakey Okonomiyaki, thinly-sliced Beef Takaki, wasabi-dressed Sea Weed Salad and dashi-hot Miso Soup.

From avocado-enrobed Crab Salad and creamy Crab Croquettes, to piquant Pepper Crab, butter-marveled Crabs in Bucket and Mediterranean-flavoured Crab Pasta, crabby notes reign supreme. The Tsukiji-bound regal tuna is rolled into elegant dishes, such as Tuna Nigiri and Tuna Sashimi.

The Japanese vinegared rice collection, Sushi, wraps up an array of flavours: From cylindrical Maki, including wasabi-rich Avocado and Tuna, spicy Lotus Root and Teriyaki Chicken; as well as; corn-shaped Temaki, including Crab Stick and Tempura Prawn - to oval-shaped Nigiri, including Cuttlefish and Sea Bream - spicy and mild relishes are on offer. In the Rice and Noodle section, Crab Rice, Beef Katsu Curry Rice, Black Angus Donburi and Onigiri Rice Balls are interspersed with tempura-treat-tossed Udon Noodles.

The Experience

Located at the beautiful Dutch Hospital of Galle, ‘The Tuna & The Crab’ rejoices in a well-lit, welcoming atmosphere - enhanced with modern décor. Two large metal outlines of a tuna and a crab adorn the walls, establishing the restaurant’s ocean inspired gastronomic theme. The open kitchen intrigues diners with appealing culinary traditions.

Okonomiyaki - this savoury pancake with its bursts of seafood - this grilled perfection!

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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