The Sizzle

With its flagship restaurant at Walukarama Road in Colombo 3 and a second outlet Ethul Kotte, ‘The Sizzle’ arrays sauce-soaked smelting pots, sizzling mocktails and sweet fondues bursting with flavour.

The Menu

Served on a cast iron platter sitting on a wooden base, sizzlers host gourmet main treats, paired with accompaniments and sauces. Embracing this piping-hot deliciousness, ‘The Sizzle’ offers up an array of meat, seafood and veggie inspired sizzlers that hit all the high notes. From breadsy treats like Garlic Toast and Cheese French Rolls and cosy Soups like Chicken with Noodles and Cream of Tomato, to sizzling potato delights, such as Mashed Potatoes and French Fries - starter selections set your taste buds dancing.

Served alongside an accompaniment of bread croutons and a cheesy dip, the Smelting Pot collection includes Vernon’s Right Jab, hosting grilled prawns; Eddie Chamber’s Smashing Hook, presenting grilled boneless chicken cubes; and Anthony Thompson’s Dreamer Driver, laying out cottage cheese cubes. Stir-fried with rice and veggies, dressed with sauce - the Mongolian collection highlights the grilled chicken sausage treat, Roman Martin Goes Solo and the grilled lamb delicacy, Edwin Valero Strike. An array of sizzling meat and seafood offerings, such as fried and grilled chicken, tenderized grilled lamb, soft and juicy mutton, beef stick, crumb-fried and battered prawns, pan-fried seer fish and mullet are partnered with carb-fests like Spaghetti, Rice or Noodles. Highlighted in the Vegetarian Sizzler section is Holyfield’s Rebellion with grilled button mushrooms and Fighter’s Vengeance with mixed-veggie cutlets. An array of Sizzling Kottu and Indian-Spiced Biryani are also on the cards.

Matching the restaurant’s culinary theme, a host of drinks include wittily-named Sizzling Mocktails like Victoria’s Magic, Cherry’s Edge and Mickie’s Tag, as well as, Sizzling Limes like Fresh Lime Soda and Fresh Lime Sprite. ‘The Sizzle’ also churns out a range of familiar favourites, including Iced Teas and Coffees, Milkshakes, Faludas, Fresh Fruit Juices, Lassi Drinks, Fruit Mocktails and Daiquiris. From Sizzling Sundaes and Sizzling Brownies to Fondues and Sundaes, desserts evoke hellzapoppin sensations.

The Experience

Vibrantly appointed with wooden seating areas to host merry gatherings, along with romantic nooks for lovers, ‘The Sizzle’ seats 120 guests. The 3 cosy private dining rooms are designed to welcome 10, 16 and 24 patrons each. A popular family hangout, ‘The Sizzle’ also offers a kids’ range and fun activities like pencil colouring. Dishes and drinks monikered after world boxing champions add piquancy to the experience.

Ezzard Charles’ Sinker Punch; scoop up grilled lamb cubes and bread croutons with spicy pepper cheese dip.

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet. Please clarify prior to visit.

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Starting price

LKR 1400 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 12.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Sub Continental

Oriental and Eastern

Continental and Italian

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