The Pool Bar

Get woozy under the mid-morning sun with Lemonade, down Mojitos over violet-and-rose sunsets or throwback a glass of False Bay Rose whilst stargazing into the night skies.

The Menu

Tucked alongside the magnificent pool of the ‘Galle Face Hotel’, ‘The Pool Bar’ offers up a host of beverages and light tuck-ins to match. From Snacks like Minced Pork Kebabs, Chicken Satay and Seafood Ceviches, to Sandwiches like Crab Burgers and Mozzarella Panini and Salads like Grilled Pork Glass Noodle and Seared Tuna - there’s plenty to munch on. Wash down your bites with a Fresh Juice or a Thirst Quencher like the Pineapple Ginger Lifter, Melon Lime Cooler or Strawberry Lemonade. On sunny days, cool down with Ice Cream or Fresh Fruits. After a long day at work, ease into the radiant evening with a Cocktail, such as Mojito, Margarita or Daiquiri.

The Experience

Facing the vast oceans, this poolside bar and terrace is a lovely reminder of a tropical break. The relaxed, breezy atmosphere immediately transforms your mood, helping un-entangle from boring daily routines. Take a dip in the pool waters and rock up by the terrace for lunch or linger through the evening with glowing cocktails, gazing at ruddy sunsets lying over the oceans.

As you down cocktails with your work buddies, tossing colours of a windy evening dance on the poolside. This cool, yellowish evening…

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Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 11.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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