The Manhattan Fish Market

During the 193 year tenure at its historic location near the Brooklyn Bridge, along the East River waterfront, the Fulton Fish Market was considered the most prominent East Coast fish market in the U.S. Drawing inspiration from this captivating fish market which housed the freshest catch of every imaginable variety, the ‘ The Manhattan Fish Market’ serves up a storm with Big Apple seafood recipes.

The Menu

At this American seafood restaurant in Colombo, the cornucopia of the ocean is basked in five culinary traditions: flaming, poaching, grilling, baking and frying. Fragrant home-made sauces add to the enthralling recipes. Starters include Garlic Herb Mussels, Crispy Whitebait and Fried Calamari whilst Soups and Salads include the richly-flavoured broth, Salmon Chowder; warm crimson broth, Cream of Beetroot; mushroom and cranberry delight, Summer Shroom Salad and green and golden treat, Caesar Salad with Whitebait.

Basked in golden flames, the Cheesy Baked Rice offers a dory fillet on rosemary rice whilst the Flaming Prawns comprises 8 tiger prawns bristling with a caramelized-sweetness. The poached collection showcases moist treats, such as the Curry Hill Seafood hosting prawns, veggie sticks and baguette and the Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger presenting a juicy salmon fillet. From the Island Grilled Cod laced in sweet, sour and spicy volcano sauce, to the Cherry Snapper jazzed up with pepper sauce, the grilled selections are indulgent. Embodying cascades of flavour and aroma within, the baked selections highlight the Coastal Baked Seafood which serves a host of seafood treats, accompanied by garlic herb rice. Featuring Manhattan Fish n Chips and Fishy Chicky Bang Bang, an array of sunny fried selections are on the cards. Lip-smacking interpretations of Pasta dishes, such as the Creamy Salmon Penne and the Spaghetti in the Sea are orchestrated with fragrant oceanic tidbits.

Choose from a daydream of sunny liquids which includes the Passionate Peach, Brooklyn Sunset and Melon Breeze or captivate in a dainty beverage like Oreo Kaboom, Sweet Alabama or Vanilla Milkshake. End your meal on a sweet note, with the chocolate-perfect Manhattan Mud Pie or the cheese-and-coffee-high Tuscan Tiramisu.

The Experience

Warmly and colourfully designed to evoke the vibrant spirit of the Fulton Fish Market, this city restaurant in Colombo exudes a warm and casual vibe. The simple interior layout offers snug chairs and wooden tables, couches and private dining areas. Lowly-lit and cosy, the ambiance is perfect for a family meal as well as a fun friends’ meet-up. Creative food art beam on the walls, taking the restaurant’s hangout-spot vibe further.

As you wait for your seafood platter, the movements of the seafood artisans arrest your eyes. One basks a dory in the flamer; another pours a fiery sauce onto a grilled steak. Sizzling sounds fill the air.

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