The Mango Tree

From Lucknow’s Kebab shop dotted streets, Bhojpur’s vibrant food festivals and the Kashmir Valley’s bakery traditions, to Punjab’s homegrown buttery flavours, Bihar’s vegetarian and dairy treats and Kumaon’s nutritious cereal offerings, North Indian cuisine rejoices in an eclectic mishmash of gastronomies. Inspired by this epicurean food culture, ‘The Mango Tree’ offers up an array of North Indian cuisine, at Dharmapala Mawatha, Crescat Boulevard and Odel Promenade, in the heart of Colombo.

The Menu

From the yellow lentil broth, Dal Shorba and the spice-scented Seafood Shorba to the colourful Kachumber Salad and the fragrant Pineapple Raita, a variety of exotic starters are on the cards. Bursting with creativity, the appetizers selection showcases non veg dishes such as the golden-brown Jumbo Prawn Koliwada and the fillet-style Tawa Fish, as well as, veg offerings such as the fried okra treat, Kurkuri Bhindi and the spinach and veggie based dish, Hara Bhara Kebab.

Tandoor, the traditional clay oven that rests at the courtyard of every Punjabian household is the centre of many a gastronomic story. Intrigued by this radiant culinary tradition that conjures up sights of smoky and juicy treats, ‘The Mango Tree’ whips up an array of Tandoori specialties, including the Lucknowi Mutton Kebab, Sunehari Jumbo Prawns, Fish Chutneywala, Reshmi Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Stuffed Aloo. A wide range of Indian seafood and meat offerings, including the Chicken Dum Masala, Mutton Roganjosh, Punjabi Fish Curry and Kadhai Prawns are on the cards. Featured in the vegetarian collection are delicious pulse recipes like Channa Masala and Dal Tadka, as well as, vegetable and mushroom offerings like Baingan Bharta, Palak Mushroom and Vegetable Korma. Delicious cheese-based dishes showcase treats, such as the cottage cheese mishmash, Paneer Mussallam and the potato and cheese dumpling, Lahori Kofta. This Indian-style restaurant also knocks up Indian Rice classics, such as Biryani and Pulao.

Kolkata’s exotic street offering, Kathi Kabab is rolled up with spicy mutton, chicken, paneer or mixed-veggie fillings. From Rumali Roti and Gobhi Paratha to Peshawari Naan and Butter Kulcha, over 20 Indian Breads are slapped up. From varied flavours of Lassi and the Indian spiced Lemonade, Jaljeera to Fresh Juices, Milkshakes, Teas and Mocktails, ‘The Mango Tree’ glasses out many types of beverages to complement one’s meal. Highlighted in the desserts gallery is the Indian Cheesecake, Rasmalai and the Carrot Pudding, Gajar Halwa.

The Experience

Located amongst the stylish setting of Dharmapala Mawatha in Colombo 3, The Mango Tree’s flagship restaurant basks in a sophisticated, uncluttered ambiance. From elegant seating areas for leisurely meals to upscale private lounges for hosting fashionable functions, the restaurant caters to varied requirements. Whilst whizzing out lunch packs for those on the run, ‘The Mango Tree’ also offers home delivery and catering services. The restaurant’s outlets at Crescat Boulevard Food Court and Odel Promenade are perfect for refreshing whilst checking off your shopping list.

As you savour the last mouthful of the saffron-scented Chicken Tikka Biryani, your mind already turns to dessert. ‘Mango Kulfi’ - how you love the very name!

Note: Business hours and menu items are subject to change from outlet to outlet.

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LKR 1000 Upwards

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12.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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