The Legendary Teafarer

Heartwarmingly tucked amidst the stylish Food Studio at the Colombo City Centre is the ‘The Legendary Teafarer’, an upscale place swirled around the cup of wisdom…

The Menu

Stemming from the distinguished Sri Lankan tea trade outfit, Akbar Brothers; this tea bar in Colombo orchestrates gourmet tea rituals, entwined with confectionary and savoury sophistication. In an assortment of beautiful infusions; A Taste of Tangiers celebrates the love story of green tea and mint; earl grey tumbles into high quality FBOP tea in the Royal Extravagance; The Three Kings storms up a bouquet of chamomile, orange and marigold.

The Supreme Ceylon Experience collection with its fine High Grown, Low Grown and Mid Grown Ceylon Black Teas are meant as odes to glistening tea plantations swept across the tropical isle’s highlands, lowlands and mid regions. Exquisitely spun up with the mission of indulging the tea connoisseur are Luxury Tea Blending Experiences where one is invited to mix it up with the tea house’s master blenders and create themselves a fine fusion.

Beef Pies, Tuna Mayo Sandwiches, Chocolate Cookies and Cheesecakes lend themselves well to a pairing with tea and infusion offerings.

The Experience

Snuggled at the Food Studio inside Colombo City Centre, the ‘The Legendary Teafarer’ whips up a cosy atmosphere. Amidst the scent of infusions, cakes and desserts, the atmosphere to unwind is complete.

Luukse Afrika; refresh in notes of rooibos, orange and hibiscus…

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

10.30am - 10.30pm, Sunday to Thursday

10.30am - 11.00pm, Friday to Saturday


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