The Gourmet Station

Located at ‘The Kingsbury’, Colombo’s grand dame, ‘The Gourmet Station’ offers a smorgasbord of sandwiches, cakes and confections, as well as, charming English-style high teas brimming with dainties straight out of a fairytale with a happy ending.

The Menu

Inspired by sophisticated flavour medleys, the Cake repertoire at this dessert parlour in Colombo bakes up about 50 varieties, including Pistachio, Fruit Tart, French Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip, Baked Caramel, Vanilla Butter, Praline Gateaux, Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Opera, Passion Mousse, Italian Almond and Blueberry Cheese Cake. From Butter Scotch, Cherry Truffle and Praline Almond, to Kahlua, Red Rum and Crème de Menthe, gorgeous Chocolates are infused with fruity and liquery notes.

Crafted to local and western recipes, the Pastry selection at this patisserie at ‘The Kingsbury’ features Vegetable Rotty, Prawns Wrap, Mutton Samosa, Chicken Patty, Egg Crumbled Bun, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Fish Roll and Chicken Pizza. An array of artisan tea blends and gourmet coffees is the epitome of love-at-first-cup.

The Experience

Whether you are looking to slowly wander through a book or coze with a friend over a gateau, ‘The Gourmet Station’ shares the perfect pretty and cosy setting. The display counter laden with chocolates, cakes and warm savoury bakes evoke the magic of fragrance. Comfy red chairs sit at black tables, basking in caressing colours. Come high tea time, the gorgeous parlour blooms into a delightful hive of freshly-baked fragrances and the silvery haze of chatter. Transforming the welcome evening routine into a mini luxury and a memory-to-remember, the high tea spread revels in an array of sweet and savoury finger delicacies, alongside artisan tea, coffee and juice selections.

Ah this festive dash of cherries in a robe of chocolate; black forest cake, anyone?

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Starting price

LKR 200 Upwards

Business Hours

07.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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