The Catch

Located at the outskirts of Colombo city in the shady suburb of Battaramulla; a hub of trendy cafés, restaurants and cultural culinary experiences, is the ‘The Catch’, an F&B dedicated to seafood. If you are a seafood fan, sail on over to a venue that is making the most of the island’s resourceful richness and bite into authentic seafood with waves of Sri Lankan flavour.

The Menu

‘The Catch’, a seafood paradise where patrons are served the finest piping hot fresh favourites from the sea; fried fish with a whole lot of sides. Pick your choice of seafood and savour its culinary crafting before your eyes.

Before you take that dive into your seafood platter, follow the three steps. Step 1, choose your size of ocean splendour. Step 2, pick your choice of sauce to soak in. Is it going to be sweet Lemon Butter, spicy Kochchi or sour Tamarind Sauce? Step 3, set the course on how you want to devour it. Select from serving and preparation choices of traditional popular Sri Lankan favourites. Try the Roast Paan Kottu with fish gravy and chili paste, the Steamed Rice with dhal curry and pol sambol or the Egg Fried Rice with fish gravy and chili paste. If you have an island passion for local toasted bread, opt for the Roast Paan with dhal curry and pol sambol. Delicious add-ons are also available to enhance the taste experience and make more of your meal. It’s your call. Choose a combination that talks to your taste buds.

What’s more, a range of delicious desserts and drinks are available to top off and wash down this sensational culinary voyage.

The Experience

Step into a venue that sings seafood and draws patrons to taste with the tempting aroma of fish just off the fryer that is just so hard to resist; especially for the seafood lovers. Splurge on a variety of tastes, drawn from ocean depths and infused with culinary skill, cooked up before your eyes. Indulge in tantalising dining choices, in a setting that lets one relax and make the most of a seafood experience.

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Sri Lankan


Starting price

LKR 900 Upwards

Business Hours

04.00pm - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

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