The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub

Located at Galle Face Court 2, ‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’ serves out an array of authentic German dishes and European favourites as well as specialty cocktails and wines.

The Menu

Presenting a true European dining experience, ‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’ combines elements of a restaurant, bar and grill. Starters include delicacies like Deep-fried Camembert Cheese, Pork Ham Rolls and Grilled Prawns. Featured in the collection of Soups and Salads is the Chunky Beef Goulash and the Grilled Chicken Salad.

The meat repertoire at ‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’ showcases decadent slow-cooked, grilled, braised, roasted and fried delicacies including Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks in Red Wine, Grilled Pork Steak with Robert Sauce, Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev. The sumptuous Seafood Platter contains a delectable mishmash of Grilled Prawn, Crispy Calamari, Baked Crab and Fish Fillet. The vegetarian fare at ‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’ includes Mixed Vegetable Pancakes and Mushroom and Leek Strudels.

Indulge in captivating Crumbles, Cakes, Mousses and Puddings. A range of Fresh Juices, Mocktails, Cocktails, Wines, Beers and Liquors are also on the cards.

The Experience

Sporting the German pub look, the interiors of ‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’ rejoices in hand-crafted wooden tables and chairs. Fresh flower decorations and warm lighting crafts the perfect mood for relaxed dining. The outdoor dining area at this German pub in Colombo is enclosed with American style picket fences.

‘The Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub’, a bouquet of flavours from Germany laced in good-old Bavarian hospitality…

Note: Menu items are subject to change. Please clarify.

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Starting price

LKR 2000 Upwards

Business Hours

11.30am - 03.00pm, Sunday

05.00pm - 11.00pm, Sunday to Thursday

12.00pm - 03.00pm, Monday to Saturday

05.00pm - 12.00am, Friday to Saturday


Continental and Italian

Pubs and Bars

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