The Bakery

Tucked amid the flowering water ponds of ‘Waters Edge’, the first drive-thru bakery in Sri Lanka, ‘The Bakery’ offers up a charming array of baked goodies and desserts.

The Menu

Inspired by the idea of serving up a slice of ‘happy and healthy lifestyle’, this patisserie bakes up a storm with wholesome flours and gorgeous flavours. If in the mood for an exquisite brekkie, choose from their Pastry selections which display Butter Croissants, Blueberry Muffins, Danish Raisins and Chocolate Twists. From traditional sweet toppings, to beef bolognaise toppings, Waffles deliver varied flavours. Open Sandwiches host chicken, grilled veggie and devilled prawn treats, on warm loaves of focaccia bread. From Polos and Soya Buns (jackfruit and soy) and Mutton Chinese Rolls, to Stewed Beef Pies and Broccoli and Feta Wellingtons, savoury luxuries are varied.

Sophisticated Cakes, such as the Chocolate Praline, Red Velvet, Battenberg and Strawberry Cheesecake conjure up dreamy thoughts. A host of Ice Creams deliver mellifluous flavours like Pistachio, Strawberry Swirl, Chocolate Chilly Crunchy and French Vanilla Bean. Whisking one off to a sugerlicious frame-of-mind, the sweet gallery displays dainty Éclairs, Cup Cakes, Tartlets, Macaroons, Cookies and Truffles.

The Experience

Whether one is looking for a grab-and-go pastry or a fine cake to surprise a loved one on their birthday, this restaurant in ‘Waters Edge’ crafts the perfect setting. Framed by magical greenery, the flower-pot-scattered pastry shop with its orange brick walls and white windows, has a fashionable French-bakery appeal to it. Matching the exquisite frame-of-mind it delivers, ‘The Bakery’ also sells a selection of gift items, such as flowers and cards, which can be customized to one’s taste.

‘The Bakery’, between cupcakes and tartlets, here’s the doorway to happiness.

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LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

06.00am - 09.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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