Located in the bustling city of Dehiwala, on the outskirts of Colombo, ‘Thawalama’ presents an assortment of Thai and Ceylonese cuisine, inviting guests to bask in an aromatic and flavoursome dining experience.

The Menu

Encapsulating the essence of Thai and Ceylonese cuisine, food served at ‘Thawalama’ is a feat of colours and fragrances. Natural herbs and condiments ensure that tuck-ins are wholesome as well as appetizing. Start off in Thai style with spicy Fried Cuttle Fish or comforting Tom Yam Soup. Or tickle your senses with Crispy Chicken Wings.

‘Thawalama’ rustles up a variety of rice-inspired meals including classical Sri Lankan Rice and Curry and Thai Seafood Rice. Showing a deep-dyed appreciation of the flavours of the East, the restaurant also dishes up a range of noodles which is spooned out with seafood and meat, featuring Singapore Fried Noodles. The restaurant’s seafood menu is packed with creatively whipped up lobster and prawn, drizzled in sauce and seasoned with fragrant ginger and the like. Rejoice in the spicy notes of Devilled Cuttle Fish and bask in distinctly Chinese tangs as you dig into Sweet and Sour Prawns. Indulge in succulent meats including Fried Mutton and Chicken, laced with Pepper or Chili Sauce, sprinkled with delicious Cashew nuts. Take your pick from Brinjal, Okra, Green Bean and the like as you dive into the delicious veggie world.

Give your meal a chilled ending with Fruit Salad and Ice Cream. Rejoice in fresh tropical flavours as you munch on cut fruits. Or simply sweeten it up with Sri Lanka’s very own Curd with Treacle.

The Experience

Crafting a rustic ambiance in the middle of the townified milieu of Dehiwala, ‘Thawalama’ borrows its style from unsophisticated Ceylonese village huts. Simple clay walls brim with homely warmth whilst roofs are clad in woven leaf mats. As you step in, wooden furniture greets you and the spectacle of traditional clay pots laden with tuck-ins arrests your eyes. Fragrant Oriental and Ceylonese notes spin around in the refreshingly cosy, homespun setting.

As you walk into ‘Thawalama’, you are taken away from the rush and tingle of Dehiwala, and wrapped in cottage style snugness. It’s time to dip in Siamese and Ceylonese flavours.

Note: Menu items are subject to change.

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11.00am - 09.30pm, Monday to Sunday


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