Thai Heritage Food Truck

An ode to the culinary landscape of Thailand. Upon your travels about the bustle of Colombo 6, stumble on an eatery slash mobile street-side fast food hub: the ‘Thai Heritage Food Truck’. A venture by the ‘Heritage Hotel - Anuradhapura’, this parked source of steaming mouthwatering gastronomy, crafting up pure Thai culinary recipes and traditions is too good to pass up.

The Menu

A menu vast in its culinary scapes sets the bar for a delectable journey. Appetizers offer up a first taste of what’s to come: go for the Salt and Pepper Squid or the Thai-style Omelette or perhaps something more comforting; the Spicy and Sour Soup or the Glass Noodles Soup. Craving for healthy dole-outs of nutritious veggies? Opt for the Spicy Papaya Salad or the Cucumber Salad.

The Mains menu is a comprehensive delight; the food truck integrates in dishes which are the most popular in restaurants across the world. Pad See Ew, a stir fried noodle dish and scrumptious Pad Thai, find their way into the menu along with what is marked by the food truck as ‘The Spiciest Ramen in the World’. Noodles play up in terms of flavour and taste, with the Tom Yum Noodle and Glass Noodle ranges offering up plenty of choices to indulge in.

Luscious, mouthwatering Beef, in Oyster Sauce or with Kankun allures while Black Pepper Chicken and Green Chicken Curry beckons as alternatives. Seafood in varied forms and flavour bursts tempts by way of Pad Phet Fish or Basil Leaves Cuttlefish. Vegetarian or vegan? The Menu covers all, particularly with a Vegetable Chop Suey or the Green Curry Vegetable.

The Rice range is perhaps one of the most expansive sub-range in the Menu. Offerings from Steamed Rice and Fried Rice to Tom Yum Rice, Basil Fried Rice and Spicy Fried Rice, each in options of Beef, Chicken, Seafood and Veggies are up for choice.

Wrap up with a little something sweet, tuck into a Caramel Pudding or a Chocolate Biscuit Pudding or sip on a beverage; be it Thai Iced Coffee, Ginger and Lemon or Papaya Juice.

The Experience

A startling dose of green wall décor, almost hidden away from one’s immediate view, marks the signature parking spot of the ‘Thai Heritage Food Truck’, alongside the bustling Havelock Road. A bright red truck, doubling as the culinary home to Thai’s best invites one in for a peek at the menu, be it for a quick tryst into the streets of Thailand on your way home or for a full on authentic dining experience. An al fresco seating area pans out right next to this food truck in Colombo, roughly accommodating 20 patrons at a time, tucked under the shade of massive trees that tower above and table umbrellas. Drop by for Thai gastronomy, served up comfortingly warm at the heart of Havelock City.

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Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 03.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday

06.00pm - 10.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


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