Tempura Shikisen

Named after Tempura, a battered and deep-fried Japanese delicacy, the ‘Tempura Shikisen’ celebrates quintessential Japanese gastronomic delights.

The Menu

A selection of Set Meals - which includes Matsu and Take - culls together appetizers, prawn and cuttlefish delicacies, white fish, seasonal veggies, Miso soup, rice and pickles. Simmered veggie, meat and seafood concoctions are perched on rice in Donburi dishes, such as Tendon and Kakiage Don.

Japanese Green Tea and Grape Juice deliciously pair with indulgent cuisine while Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream sweeten one’s taste buds after an authentic Japanese meal.

The Experience

Located at School Lane, this Japanese restaurant in Colombo provides a great setting for a relaxed lunch or dinner. Earthy hues meet Japanese designs and elegant seating areas, creating a serene, uniquely Japanese atmosphere.

Chicken Tendon; a rice bowl dish topped with chicken, sprinkled with Japanese flavours…

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Starting price

LKR 2000 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 10.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


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