Taco Bell

From Irvine, California, to leafy Horton Place in tropical Colombo; ‘Taco Bell’ gives your taste buds a piquant kick with Tex-Mex cuisine.

The Menu

Awash in tortillas, shredded cheese, meat, beans, pepper and spices - Tex-Mex treats are noted for their warm, trying-to-be-the-happiest-treats-around charm. Inspired by this kicked-up, insta-worthy Mexican-American fusion, ‘Taco Bell’ chases some of its beloved recipes, jazzing them up with signature sauces like Cool Ranch, Hot Ghost Pepper and Smoky Chipotle. From Soft Mexican Chicken, Crunchy Crispy Chicken, Supreme Crispy Fish and Fajita Chicken Cheesy Double Decker Tacos, to Cheese and Onion Quesadillas and Pinto Beans Burritos - Tortillas wrap around delicious fillings - flanked by the likes of cheddar, mozzarella and sauces while Chalupas sport a crispier, flakier shell brimming with hot and cold fillings.

Double Chicken Rice Bowls and Pinto Beans Naked Burritos are amped up with salsa, to hot up your palate. The unforgettable crunchy corn chip, Nachos are doused in luscious Cheese Sauce. ‘Taco Bell’s’ ‘Shareables’, such as Loaded Nachos, Taco Sliders, Assorted Platters and Combo Meals swirl together their most beloved treats, to chime in with everyone’s taste buds, at that friend’s chill-out.

In Chocolate Tostadas, chocolate and caramel sauces duet with ice cream, over a base of dessert chips, while in Chocodilla, dessert tortillas enfold bursts of chocolate chips. Ice Cream Shakes, Lemon Teas, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolates and Lattes evoke sweet feelings.

The Experience

Located amid the tree-lined avenues of Horton Place in the heart of Colombo, ‘Taco Bell’ brims with a friendly, welcoming charm. From large seating areas to cosy little spaces, the spacious interiors are thoughtfully appointed to entertain friends and families alike. Whimsical graffiti and street art lend it a quirky edge while the warm colour scheme and latest music sounds accent the atmosphere.

Bring a spark to your Saturday afternoon with cheese quesadilla at Taco Bell - a party in your mouth - love at first bite.

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Fast Food

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LKR 350 Upwards

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11.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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