t-Lounge by Dilmah

Inspired by Sri Lankan tea brand, Dilmah’s love story with the camellia sinensis, 3 elegant lounges located at the Arcade Independence Square, Dutch Square and Porutota Road in Negombo, brew aromatic cuppas for you to savour and dwell in…

The Menu

From signature treats like delicate Ceylon Silver Tips White and earthy Single Estate Assam; Luxury Designer Leaf delights like pungent Brilliant Breakfast and aromatic Moroccan Mint; Iced Teas like woody Chilled Cinnamon and sensuous Rose with French Vanilla; cherry-topped Earl Grey Banana Tea Shake; Matcha Green and Lychee Tea Smoothie; and frothy Ginger Tea Kitsch - to Sparkling Teas like gingerbeer-flavoured Ginger Fizz and Tea Mocktails like rosehip-scented Sweet T Rose - an array of tea-inspired beverages raptures one.

Complementing theses selections are delicious food offerings, such as feta-jazzed Mediterranean Tuna Bruschettas, cheese-flanked Grilled Veggies, almond-tea-seasoned Lamb Kofta Burgers, cajun-spice-piqued Spicy Tuna Toasties, masala-coated Tandoori Chicken Waffles and cheese-complemented Mushroom Crepes. Soft and moist Cupcakes, rich and warm Chocolate Brownies, creamy Baked Cheesecakes and Ice Creams offer picture-perfect escape from the mundane.

The Experience

Designed around an upscale, elegant atmosphere, these tea lounges are meant to inspire cosy conversation. Guests can choose from low slung couches and settees. Tea caddies and knick knacks lend it a quirky character.

‘Jade Butterfly Handmade White Tea’, light and gentle, like an everyday teddy bear…

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet. Please check with the respective outlet prior to your visit.

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Tea Inspired Food


Starting price

LKR 400 Upwards

Business Hours

08.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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